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Gym Jitters

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Thursday I finally made it to the gym.  I know–WAY behind the 5x/week goal I set for working out. But with physical therapy I am actually limited to what I can and cannot do at a gym which has delayed my arrival at that sweaty smelly place.  I have learned some things though with physical therapy and working at the gym.  I recommend everyone think about what they’re doing at the gym before going.

So here is what I do:

1) Elliptical–my physical therapist said this is the best for cardio. I typically enter my info (no quick start) and do the weight loss program which is 30 minutes of balanced resistance and uphill.

2) what I used to do is alternate between upper and lower body workouts when I was going regularly. Then I would do sit ups…which is bad for my back. This time I got out the ball, did my ab braces which are not bad for my back. I also did modified planks for my abs. I also did hip flexing cause I’ve been stretching that at physical therapy.

Then I stretch down, relax, sometimes when I was with Shawn we’d go in the pool, spa and heat rooms.

Physical Goals

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Go Day:
T minus 4 days.

My organization has come a little tighter into focus and I have set some new goals for this “preparation time that is coming up

Here are my new guidelines:
Due to some of my health issues and personals home discussions… I am HIGHLY considering going to organic eating. Say what you want—bash on the trend dieting—there are actually benefits to my health issues specifically related to eating organic. And as I want to be in the best position possible to prepare and attack some of these issues (health/personal), it is a viable decision. Add in the fact that eating healthier/organically will make me feel better and help me control these health issues… I’m leaning towards this option. I would be more specific but I do not want to advertise my issues all over my blog.

However, I want to review this with my doctor and possible sit down with a nutritionist/physician who can help and walk me through some things. That doctor’s appointment is November 17th so it allows for some time to discuss with any new doctors before this new life-season begins. Don’t worry—October 1st is still go date…However, I do not feel like wasting the food I just bought just because it doesn’t fit what I want. So between October 1st-November 17th/30th I will be emptying out my food supplies of things and moving towards organic food. I will be “trying” not to eat out , or at least find better options for eating besides the Jack in the Box or El Pollo Loco all the time.

As research has shown—weight loss is 80% nutrition & eating and 20% exercise. As I am a pretty sedentary person right now, I am going to be working out a little more. No excuses and personally, I am tired of lazy people. So here’s the plan:

Starting October 1st-
Going to the gym for full workout 2-3x/day.
Softball happens once a week on Tuesdays, so that will be one of my days off. Until October 11th, I have rehearsals on wed/thurs for a performance so those days will be reviewing for walking until then.
I currently go to physical therapy… and whatever the therapist says about what I can and cannot do will be discussed and worked through.

I have decided to NOT get a trainer at this time mostly because it’s a lot of money for something I know I can do and I don’t need to pay money for accountability. My goal will be to get to a point I can work out without one anyways. However, Between October 1st-November 30th if I do not complete my goals about working out satisfactorily (aka losing some weight), then I will be hiring a trainer for 2015 (good method as the discounts tend to pop up during that time as well…)

That pretty much covers it.
Enjoy your day of rest everyone and see you on Monday