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Physical Therapy

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Today I woke up to go to my 2nd physical therapy appointment…at 7:00am. Honestly, I don’t know why I did it, but on the other side, I which I could work out with a physical therapist. I played softball for 11 years and did marching band for 4 and never had a serious injury or back/knee pain. But something happened and after seeing my doctor a couple weeks ago I got “prescribed” physical therapy for 8 weeks. And just after these two sessions I am weighing out the options of a physical trainer for exercising for a couple weeks or so.

Pros to a Trainer
1) someone is there to walk you through the things you need to do, EVEN if you know what things you need to do.
Exercising at the gym is easy. And setting up a workout plan is easy. Things you can find out on the internet. But know how to work with your body and know if you’re doing the exercising right so it fits you? – this can be hard. I realized this when I started physical therapy. They have the therapist and then the assistance who walk through your stretches. And keep you focused. I was thinking how having someone like this while starting a workout regiment would be helpful.

2) Success rate
I know several people who got trainers when starting a workout program and even though they did not keep up with them after 3 months, the information and details they learn working out with someone trained to know what working out looks like helps them in the long run and makes their working out more productive. Also, I have personally had a trainer for 10 sessions when I got my 24hr fitness membership. It works, trust me. It’s more motivating and I always wanted to hire a trainer afterwards.

3) Accountability
This is one the trainers always mention, but there is an element of truth to it. When you are paying to be somewhere — you show up. You fit it into your schedule. It’s more likely you’ll keep going to the gym afterwards too.

The Negative side
1) Pricetag
getting a trainer can be expensive. And I already have 24hr fitness and I am pretty sure they do not let independent trainers come in and try & coach someone. Company policy I’m sure–its a major chain and highly monitored. Plus its a conflict of interest.

2) Privacy
Somethings working out with someone I feel is an invasion of my
. Doing cardio, working out…these things reveal my health concerns and my image to the world. Or if not the world at least the 5-25 people that might be in a gym. And while I am know no one is really paying attention–its still on display. not a positive thought.

3) Strange-ness
When you meet a trainer–most of the time you do not know them beforehand. And for me, that’s a little scary.

So I am going to pray about whether or not this is a good things, to train with a trainer for more exercising. This may be a Nov 30th final decision after I see how physical therapy goes (which is starting now not by choice but will go through until Advent.)