Narrowing down to Lent

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HEALTH Resolutions 1

As Lent fast approaches, I have continued my “search” of what to dedicate my upcoming diet to. I have weighed the pros & cons (see previous post to this). So Far, here is what I have determined:

1) No soda—this was an obvious one and the minimal goal if I couldn’t decide on anything. I have done this before and I can do it again. And personally, I am knocking out all diet drinks as well. My only exception allowed will be for Sprite-only sparingly allowed if at all. If I’m going to fail, might as well do it with a caffeine free lighter drink. But I don’t allow myself to drink it regularly.
2) No Junk food—I am currently trying to narrow this down. I was going to say no “fast” food, but since our family goes out each week to fast food because they do not want to overburden a waitress (please reserve your comments), this is next to impossible. I am considering setting a calorie/nutrition goal in relation to this. Meaning—I am only allowed to eat maximum 800 calories when I go out. That’s more than doable, allows for some flexible but also for restraint. I am also making clear no more massive amounts of pizza, of Chinese food or things we decide to order because we’re tired and don’t want to cook (that happens a lot between work & Shawn’s schooling. I’d plan meals—but then I’d feel like my life is structured like a formula (input/output) and I DO NOT want that feeling in any way. (For theological and philosophical reasons.)
3) No carbs/sugar—Okay, let me preface this with not a complete deletion. But I need to cut it down. My weakness: anything BREAD. I have eaten a whole French roll (you know-the ones you can buy all warm and tasty from the bakeries at the groceries around 3pm everyday?) by myself. And I eat carbs mindlessly. Chips at a Mexican restaurant are also my weakness. More mindless eating. This is what I need to stop. What does need to stop is the healthy grain eating. Doctor’s orders and let’s be honest—I like the taste of grain (I’m definitely not going gluten-free unless they determine I have celiac disease or a sensitivity or something.)
4) Eating breakfast—this is another one of my downfalls. Since my younger years, I have always had trouble eating breakfast. Mostly because I would feel nauseous in the morning and didn’t want to touch anything for about an hour. I have learn to adjust but need to eat something (and something HEALTHY) instead of searching for the first McDonald’s Egg McMuffin or (worse) Jack In the Box Sandwich. I need something quick (because I like to get up & go) or something I can heat up later. I love the little potato meals from SmartOnes & such. And a lot of organic lines have breakfast items that are extremely healthy. And my own doctor said I need more whole grains.

I have considered going Paleo… something I know a lot of people have done and its not that bad. I just have to focus and get prepared. Here’s go nothing