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Part of this growing “healthy holistic life change” I’m preparing for is spiritual preparedness. What this incorporates for me is beginning my goal of translating the entire bible. Grant I’m sure I will only continue translating it again and again…I just want to make a valiant effort somewhere on a book I love so much.

As decided how and when and where to start, I thought I would go over a topic of debate…Old vs New Testament. This is more of a collection of thoughts about the topic…enjoy!


point one: terminology
I have always had an issue with the terms “old” and “new.” If we were strictly talking age, I get it. But we’re not. The terms old and new can refer to the old and new covenant. To me, this places little emphasis on the larger portion if the Bible because someone decided just because it’s newer makes it more important. Let’s just call them what they are: the Pentatuech, prophets and wisdom literature; gospels, Paul’s letters, the epistles and revelation. They are all books, all equally bound together as the bible that even as a while has changed over the years. There…no confusion. No bias..sort of. For purposes of this blog I will call the old and new to eliminate confusion.

point two: As a Christian, Why do I care?
A lot of people who are Christian why we even care about the Old Testament if Jesus brought the new. Here’s why–because Jesus thought it was important. A Christian’s perspective of God, his workings through the nation of Israel up and through Jesus’ life are laid out in the Old Testament. Genesis explains who God is, what He did, how humans reacted, and he beginnings of God trying to call us back. Exodus is the story of one small nation, of their escape and travels with their God who desired to show the world His beautiful blessings and His Power. I could go on and on.

Secondly, Jesus cared. It’s true! Look at Jesus throughout the gospels and you will see a man who cared deeply about he scriptures. He quotes them frequently, especially prophets like Isaiah. And his life, crucifixion and death are all wrapped up in imagery and explanations of God’s New Kingdom as told from the…(you guessed it) Old Testament.

Point three: but it’s too old
Some people say that the Old Testament lacks connection to current world. That there is no reason to read it since it talks about issues, problems and culture from the Ancient World. Well… I can tell you with great confidence that there is lying, stealing, greed, rape, murder, family feuds, chaos, and thousands of other stories… And I wasn’t even talking about the New testament. 😊 it is terribly surprising how many stories reflect much of our cultures today, just in a different context. And if there isn’t an example, chances are the feelings and frustrations have an example all heir own.

There you have it
I know I have other quirks and questions about this topic, but I don’t want to upset or bore too many people.
What do you think? What does the Old and New Testsements means to you?