Word Woche 11.10

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Word Woche is BACK! Again, I apologize for the delay in my posts.  Sometimes schoolwork gets the best of you.  Honestly, just this quarter alone has given me enough blog material to overload anyone’s brain.  Ethics and World Religions really get your noodle cooking.


Anyways, I thought I would teach everyone a Hindu word this week since we are studying the history & theological concepts in Hinduism this week.  Now, everyone knows karma.  What action you do has an affect.  Well, another word is

It is the term used to describe the liberation to samsara and karma.  It is the primary goal of any Hindu.  Reaching liberation and the union with the Ultimate Reality, the One (yes its not, really–its Vishnu, who can be in any form, in any concept…let’s just say its very confusing sometimes…)

It’s similar (and yet completely different) from the concept of grace and liberation from sin/bondage through the knowledge of Christ in Christianity.  Just thoroughly interesting.