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Day 3 Keto

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Welcome to day three!

Things aren’t going too bad. I am glad I had the pizza muffins made on Sunday cause I know that at least I have that going for me. And Shawn and I went shopping so we have tons of food. It’s just getting it all baked so we don’t waste anything. Tomorrow (Thursday) will be hard because of rehearsal and trying to work out when to eat, etc. I will probably not be fasting in the morning. But at least yesterday even though I didn’t fast…I kept my basic eating schedule and didn’t eat right before bed. Small goals, right?

So I have a couple books I have using to make some fun meals. One is “Quick and East Ketogenic Cookbook” and the other “The Wicked Good Ketogenic Cookbook.” Both provide a little insight into what the Keto diet is, suggestions and how to start as well as the plethora of recipes.

The pizza muffins were really easy to make. I also made s’mores fat bombs (basically candy with no calorie all natural sweetener), macadamias crusted pork chops and cooked several vegetables ( probably enough to save my life.). Finally I did gummies for the first time. They came out a little powerful and it’s mostly from me not working with boiling water and it having worked with gelatin before. But st least they looked like gummies

Back to Healthy Living

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My last really late night blog talked about going back to my fast track or even basic belly fat cure eating. It’s basically a diet but I am trying to stear clear of that word.  I have decided that this Saturday, which is exactly 5 weeks from when we leave for Alaska, I will return to my no carb, no sugar, gluten free protein and veggies eating. In a perfect world this allows for me to lose 35 lbs but I would be happy with 20. Grant it I have gained so weight back because I am trying to eat us out of the bad junk in our home without wasting money.   But dieting for this long on this diet will give me a chance to trial my allergist words about going gluten free. She also wants me eating no GMO/hormones and diary free which I would really like to work in but that can be harder than no gluten and personally I love cheese. 

In addition, I discovered today that the company I work for is starting another “be active” campaign that will coincide with my current diet. It starts May 5 (which is the day I get back from my 2nd wedding anniversary) and it is Route 66 themed. The goal is to be active 30 minutes/day and record it to get signs along the way. Completing a challenge is 40 signs. The program goes beyond my cruise until June 29th…but I was thinking of keeping a mild for of the diet on the shop then returning to fast track dieting between the end of my cruise and my birthday which is 6/26.  Exercising 30 minutes while on vacation is easier for me because my husband and I love to walk.  

 I am glad to be getting back into healthy living more regularly and happy to find something that is working for me. Ready, here we go!!

Today is the day

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…that the LORD had made 🙂

Habitual response. 

But nevertheless today is day 14. I reached my goal of eating little to no carbs and sugar. When I got on the scale this morning I weight 233.8 which is drastically lower than my pre-lent weight of 250. It may not be the huge increase I hoped for but its something and I am finally starting to see what type of eating works best for my body. And I couldn’t feel better. I have managed to eat what I want, when I want, allowing for panic and cheat days without feeling like I have committed adultery against my weight loss. This weekend, since we will be celebrating with Star Wars–I will also be celebrating my health. And yes–that may involve spoiling a little. But I still think in a no carb no sugar world. 

Some tips : 

1) just don’t–I don’t think people seek out to fail their diets. But if you think “oh I’ll just spoil myself this once”, you’re fooling yourself. I just told myself no and when I look back at my spoils they were not as bad. So just think in a “I will not eat something bad” attitude and the little nada will not seem as drastic or effect you as much.

2) try new things–if you are not willing to change and At least try a new dish or two, then you won’t get anywhere. I know very few people who are willing to eat the same thing day in and out to loose weight and can stick to it. 

3) prepare yourself–both times I have started my new eating that has succeeded I prepared myself for it. I removed the really bad items, focused on my meals for the first couple days and committed to it. I also held my goal in mind. I want to loose weight to help my pcos, to help me have kids and get to a point I’m only taking the necessary vitamins and healthy items to sustain me. 

Home Style…Cooking

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  One of the key elements for healthy eating is home cooking.  This is because majority of restaurants, fast food joints, pubs and bars serve food fried, processed and covered in oil and filled with carbs and sugar.  Only recently did the food industry start going back to naturally cooked and healthier food.  So as stated, sometimes losing a little weight is as easy as not eating out for a week.

Today I finally managed to *cough* -clean- out the freezer. There were some foods that i unfortunately had to through out due to the timeline but most food in the freezer lasts a while. I am glad to say cooking dinner at home tonight results in me eliminated a bag of orange chicken, veggie noodles, pfchang’s egg rolls, a bag of buffalo chicken wings (went bad long time ago) and pulled out the steak to cook that later. Or cook it on the grill and cook something else from the freezer to go with it for dinner tomorrow.

Cooking at home is hard for us. Both Shawn and I work 40hr weeks, Shawn goes to school and though I graduated, I am involved in a lot of church activities now. So cooking requires a little thinking ahead. Also, once a week we do go out with his parents for a family night. I think its important-as it brings us all together once a week no matter what–but eating at fast food is sometimes difficult. And yes, I realize there are alternatives, but there are 5 of us with completely different tastes… eating out, maybe at a wendy’s or in&out is the best option.

So here’s to more fun meals at home, more fun meals-more natural meals.