Working on the Physical Side, pt 2

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Ok, I can’t believe I’m “updating” on this topic.  But after this week, I wanted to provide a prospective just for those “trying” to get somewhere with weight loss.

This week i went to the 5 out of 7 days. That’s right. I made it my job.  Mostly because being overweight this week decided to make me pissed off and tired of just thinking.  So when I ate something I should not have, it just fueled my fire to get to the gym and sweet it off.  I will say, this doesn’t happen often, if ever, and will probably die down just like everything… but I’m still in a motivational point so let me be.

I’ve also managed to talk to some other people about the weight loss thing.  Some thoughts to munch on….

1)  When you work out…don’t just push and pull through things.  Your muscles are not meant to do things 15-20-30 times in a row.  Only about 7-10 times in 2-3 cycles.  Even sit-ups.  If they are truly working your abs, you only need to do 10 max.  It should be 1-2 seconds up and 3-6 seconds back down while you’re breathing.  It irritates me when little skinny girls (who I’m like why in the hell are you at the gym anyways) just push back and forth, some of them just texting or playing a game on their phone while “exercising.”  You’re meant to work out your muscles.  Otherwise, just go home–please.

2) Honestly, you need to find a workout plan.  I remember a friend/family member of mine stated she brought a workout sheet and so I did some research only, located some information about what appears best for me (again, God blessed me with the gift of knowledge so I struggle if I have no idea what i’m getting into without doing some research)  and I went for it.  And there are tons of people who loose weight by NOT working out but honestly, its about 15-20% of the process of loosing weight so you might take it seriously.  Yes, do what you can and yes, start small.  But for someone like me who wants to lose a serious amount of weight and wants to keep most if not all of it off, workout is required.  You don’t really need to hire a trainer unless a) you have the money and b) you have the time to commitment but they are helpful for accountability.  But so is your  spouse and honestly, there is not excuse. I got to work out at 10p for an hour and come home, shower and go to bed. Best feeling in the world.  Having the list of the items or reminder of what I need to do and how i’m going to do it is great because its a little victory every time I complete working out a muscle.  Kinda like the Nicaderm quitting smoking commercials, but for working out 🙂

3) On that note— Unless you are working on becoming a professional weight trainer or working up to a marathon (which is more running on treadmill than weights), you only need to be at the gym for 1-2 hrs MAX.  30mins-1hr cardio and 30-1hr weight trainer. THAT’S IT.  If you work more than that you are straining your muscles and can ruin things. Trust me–have talked with people who have trainers, have read articles about it.  People think the gym takes all this time and they should spend hours in ratio to how much weight they need to lose.  Not true, my friends.  I’m all about maximum efficiency for highest profit.

So anyways–these things have been helpful.  There are ways to do these things at home too, which I encourage.  Right now, the gym is my friend and I bring my iPhone, my water & keys and copy of my license hidden in my phone (case) so I can work out, not worry about buying fast food on the way home & relax when I’m done.  And my husband treats it like brushing my teeth.  He reminds me every day, or asks about it, and hasn’t complained about me going.  SUPPORT IS A MUST! Honestly, working out is not a bad thing, so as long as your support person is flexible with who you are (spouses are great and can come along); you should support this.  Don’t question, don’t judge, don’t argue.  Just support. People trying to loose weight and work out just need encouragement in whatever works best.