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Think tank…God and Science

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though I rarely consider myself a theologian by trade, there are days I know I am called to think and contemplate about the relationship of God to the world.  Ist my because for me, God has a relationship with the world and he is trying to restore it to its Creational beauty and it’s my job, my calling, my desire to restore my end of the bargain. 

So as I was on the way to work this morning I was thinking about God and science. Mostly because it saddens me to think there are several that state if you believe in science, you cannot believe in God. 

I think we all need a reminder in terms here. Let’s start with God (appropriately.) if you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim–God is the Creator. Christians say it in their Lords Prayer, Jewish believers say it from Genesis to their prophets and Muslims know him as the beginning point for all devotion. So by definition, God is the beginning.

Now let’s look at science. I googled the actually definition of the word and got this:

“Science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”


So God is defined as Thr Creator science is about the study of the created. By definition, science can never fully be on pair or above God, because science comes from the study of stuff God has created….maybe a scientist is more of a theologian than those who dig their noses in Biblical books. Personally I believe all are theologians its just s matter of how and where they find their theological skills. amd I believe that God has gifted this world with science to guide people towards an inkling of His understanding of His Creation. That there is a great balance, guided and controlled by God, and that the balance of His Creation is fragile and requires our attention. Just as God requires our attention. 

So in the words of my favorite scholar N.T. Weight, ” Jesus Came…now go plant a tree.”