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So in hopes to expand my blog, I decided I wanted to start a “word of week” portion of my blog. ¬†I love languages, especially the Biblical ones and I enjoy even more some of the history and meanings of words in other languages. So I decided to provide a weekly word section where I will look at the meaning of a word in another language and expand on its, well, “importance.” ūüôā

Word of the Week

ty‚ĄĘIva√©rV;b ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†br’shit

What word would be more fitting as a beginning than the word for “beginning?”¬†B’resheet¬†is the first word of the first book of the Bible and in the Jewish community the title of the book we English-speakers know as Genesis. ¬†And rightly so, because the word comes from a similar root word in Hebrew that means “head” or “chief.” ¬†(See Brown Driver Briggs Lexicon p 911-12.) ¬†B’resheet¬†in its Genesis 1:1 context has a distinct meaning, as it carries a prefix (B’)¬†that indicates “in, with or by.” something. ¬†The¬†actual¬†noun is¬†resheet¬†which refers to “beginning” or “chief.”¬†

If one would continue in the Lexicon you can see the other times this words appears in the Bible it is always associated with the beginning of something new & amazing.  For example, the beginning of a new kingdom (Gen 10:10) as well as the beginning of creation.  It also is associated with the first fruits in Exodus 23:19 and even the first chief in Amos 6:1.  

The similar root is the word meaning chief or head, which includes a meaning of “beginning” of time located in my favorite chapter Isaiah 40:21.¬†

I think if we were to remember this word when we coming across it in the Bible, it is important to remember its significance in that it is not just a beginning of a new chapter … it truly means a new context. ¬†either a new world, a new kingdom, a new person. ¬†And so let the new chapter of this blog, well BEGIN!