Creation Interact

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Though I consider myself a very sociable person with the human side… I talk to my dogs a lot.  In fact, I have theological conversations if they are hanging around when I’m studying or I need an “audience” to practice a sermon.  Yes, I have asked both my dogs if they know Jesus. It gives me a nice laugh (especially their facial expression of “do you really have to ask me that…”)

So this got me thinking.  We as believers need to interact with God’s creation more.  Now I don’t necessarily mean talking to your dogs or fish or plants (even though there are tons of articles and philosophies about talking to plant life.) But I do mean going outside more, taking a moment to be thankful of the Creator that not only has created everything around but also given us as humans the responsibility to take care of it.  Sometimes I think as humans we take advantage of this.  We abuse our creation every day and sometimes don’t even take a second to acknowledge the blessings God has given use through His creation.

And that’s why I have dogs…that’s what my dogs remind me of.  They remind me of God.  They remind me to be thankful (they are rescues) and to be happy even for the smallest things of coming through the front door and being home among family.  To be happy about even the simplest food….and to enjoy EVERY toy!