Today is the day

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…that the LORD had made 🙂

Habitual response. 

But nevertheless today is day 14. I reached my goal of eating little to no carbs and sugar. When I got on the scale this morning I weight 233.8 which is drastically lower than my pre-lent weight of 250. It may not be the huge increase I hoped for but its something and I am finally starting to see what type of eating works best for my body. And I couldn’t feel better. I have managed to eat what I want, when I want, allowing for panic and cheat days without feeling like I have committed adultery against my weight loss. This weekend, since we will be celebrating with Star Wars–I will also be celebrating my health. And yes–that may involve spoiling a little. But I still think in a no carb no sugar world. 

Some tips : 

1) just don’t–I don’t think people seek out to fail their diets. But if you think “oh I’ll just spoil myself this once”, you’re fooling yourself. I just told myself no and when I look back at my spoils they were not as bad. So just think in a “I will not eat something bad” attitude and the little nada will not seem as drastic or effect you as much.

2) try new things–if you are not willing to change and At least try a new dish or two, then you won’t get anywhere. I know very few people who are willing to eat the same thing day in and out to loose weight and can stick to it. 

3) prepare yourself–both times I have started my new eating that has succeeded I prepared myself for it. I removed the really bad items, focused on my meals for the first couple days and committed to it. I also held my goal in mind. I want to loose weight to help my pcos, to help me have kids and get to a point I’m only taking the necessary vitamins and healthy items to sustain me. 

8/14…one week away.

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weight: 236.2

One week away. I’m hoping I can get down to below 230 by next week. I am really liking this diet.  Ha–diet-I don’t think of it that way. It’s just “nope, can’t eat that right now.” Im definitely going to the normal diet after my appointment next week. That is more doable and allows for bits of fruit and whole grain. It’s where you control your eating to 15g of sugar and 6 servings of carbs a day. I have a feeling since I did so well on the fast track that I will keep it up on the regular diet and then as I get closer to my cruise go back on the fast track. Fyi here’s a little guide for measuring…always helpful for watching portion control. 


Another event that is one week away is Star Wars Celebration. This is the big convention for everything Star Wars and this year it is in Anaheim.  It is also big because the all new, never before seen stuff for the upcoming Episode VII will probably be revealed there.

As I prepare for this event, I have come to realize that if you are passionate about anything there are probably others out there just as passionate (or more) about it and that there are places and events where you can share that pssion.   That’s what I’ve determined cosplay is really all about. I am just starting to get into costumed events and dressing up for events such as Star Wars, comic con and wonder con. Hey, even the Renaissance faires I attend. People dress up and act a new part for a little while. It requires creativity and imagination!  And it’s nothing to make fun of or be afraid of. 


Day One completed

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i made it through day one. Actually–I didn’t get hungry as I thought I would. Of course it probably doesn’t help I have no voice and a massive sinus headache. And that my nose is stuffed and dripping from high heaven. But I made it!!


Starting Weight: 243.6

Starting waist measurement: 44 inches

Mood about dieting: okay, kind of neutral and do not feel restricted.