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I am so glad I have a cook’s heart. I managed to stay on my diet today. And yet not feel so overwhelmed by the limited menu I have to choose from. 

I do want to share some fun snacks and breakfast ideas I’ve been working through.

1) “cream cheese” and celery 


This is an amazing snack. Filling, light. I put sat & pepper on mine but you can use any seasoning I think. And practically no carbs. I also use this “neidmsjti….” Something cheese that’s like cream cheese but has less fat. It taste better I think.

2) eggs in a bacon bowl/deli meat bowl 


This is so easy. Take deli meat, place in muffin tin. Put whatever you want to cook with eggs (cheese, peppers, whatever) and crack one egg. I used egg white in this picture (use appropriate measure for one egg) and back at 350 for 25-30 minutes. It was delicious this morning. I used ham so it was like bacon. But less fat. 

I have gotten creative and found many fun recipes on Pinterest too… Enjoy!