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Sugary sweetness

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Today I was worrying about my diet. I’m starting a ketogenic diet on November 1st and I’m working hard to get to the point of the diet instead of going cold turkey.

So Austin made it a better with a laugh. Sugary donut holes (gluten free) and coconut milk mustache was a hit 😉

More giggles and smiles

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So even though the 7 days of Laughter is over, I have decided to work on enjoying a little bit of smiles each day.

So, we had a gift card for Farrell’s ice cream Parlor. And since the locations to us were closed…we made a trip of going to the location in Brea after church on a Sunday morning (we go to church in Yorba Linda.)

Here is what commenced…and the final thing not pictured? While giving a spoon of ice cream Shawn managed to get ice cream In Austin’s hair.

A spoonful of sugar, right?

Haha LOL day 7

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So here is the final official day of laughs. But it’s easier to keep this going to think of one thing each day that makes me giggle.

Today? Here I am getting my hair done and I always chuckle when I have he foil in my hair. I always thing “I’m getting better signal” or “aliens are coming”

But it is always fun to see how my hair turns out!!! Here we go!

Giggle giggle day 6

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Having a kid makes it easy to laugh each day. But I think the lobster made me “laugh” a little harder….

Laugh a lot day 5

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I’m just going to leave this here….

I’m in the kitchen. daddy and Austin are in our bedroom…. up to daddy & son things…

If this doesn’t make you laugh… I’m sorry 🤣

Laughter day 4

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So when this started…I thought I would have no problem finding things to laugh at each day. However, when you work in claims and you go home to a toddler and working husband after you work…it gets difficult quick.

So today I was scrolling thru Facebook and my friend Michelle posted this from a nerd site.

Let’s just say….lunch was good!

Happy laugh moment!

Laughter Day 3

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So this isn’t the best picture. But this moment made me laugh today! I sat Austin down to pick something up out of the fridge and he grabbed the milk. He started trying to drink the whole cartoon. Andorinha dog Scout tried to help, sniffing around while Austin tried lifting it.

Everyone needs a little child fun!

Day 2 of Laughter

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In continuing with my commitment to take seven days one at a time and notice something to laugh at in each, here is day two:

My husband.

Now—I should probably rephrase that. I don’t laugh at him… but Shawn has always made an attempt to make me laugh. And when we had our son—it was like a whole new genre opened up to funny memes, pictures and text messages he can send me.

These events make me giggle, no matter the day, week or month, location or time.

Thank you Shawn ❤️❤️ Laughter truly can be the best medicine.

7 Days of Laughter

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So this year in my MOPS group (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers), we were challenged to think of one thing that makes us laugh for 7 days straight. Considering the week I had last week with crazy anxiety mixed up emotions– I decided I needed this option in our “truth or dare” challenges to give energy back into my fun and crazy self. So here it goes.

DAY 1: I would say this cracks me up almost every day– but the first thing I can think of that makes me laugh all the time is Austin. Today’s example is that my husband sent me a message stating that our son woke up a little early and instead of crying, started pressing the buttons on his Scout plus Puppy. You may not think anything of it but when you have a monitor in another room and suddenly you here “let’s sing a song about me and my friend… Austin!”, its a little funny. And then he’ll push the button two or three seconds later, without even finishing and you’ll here another tune or Scout sing or say something silly.

I’m glad God put this little kid in my life. Some days I may think i’m not enough for him and some days I just drop in exhaustion. But his laugh…yeah… its the best.