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Comic con day 4

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the last day…the Sunday. 

I had tons of fun on this day because my friend Michelle was able to join us. We meet up half way through the day, walked around on the floor, picked up games, saw a short film that is awesome and just tried to soak in the last moments.  We also left our hotel, packed up and headed towards home with a stop at our favorite fast food place near San Diego–the money pit. 

 Here is one of the best things I got at Con-a card game signed by the designer. While I have yet to play this curious game…it was fun to watch others play at the booth.   

Comic con adventures, day 2

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I apologize for the spacing on my travels over the past years. I tried to keep travel journals and such… but when you have limited signal or are just too tired after walking around with almost 100,000 smelly people on a convention floor, typing a blog seems farthest from your minder.

Here are the 2nd day adventures, Comic Con style…

Friday was CRAZY! …but honestly what day isn’t at comic con. We finally managed to get into our favorite panel with the Big Bang Theory writers where we saw Mayim Bialik and Kunal Nayyar!  It was great hearing that all is not lost in one of our favorite shows and as always, we get to enjoy the gag wheel from the previous season.  And the crowd questions were not rude or too inquisitive to those not caught up this year which made it fun to listen to.  Not to much the fan romance scene between Amy & Raj that Mayim and Kunal read. We walked the floor again in hopes to find Adam Savage but failed.  It’s fun because he dresses up in a crazy costume and if you find him you get some sort of prize. Sad day. We ended the con with a panel about writing in the industry, held by the same people from last year which had its positives and drawbacks. Positive–people who have worked their way through the industry including some who wrote/acted on Living Color and other popular shows. Even one guy wrote and drew his own comic. However, drawbacks? they were explaining things to do that Shawn and his colleague from school not only had already done, but could argue that it isn’t just about getting those materials.  And the struggles of those writers were definitely different and much more complex than the people who have no experience trying to break in.  We headed back to the hotel, ordered grub hub (which inlaced poutine from a local college delivery place) and enjoyed relaxing–except for the fact that I was still sick. DayQuil and NyQuil were truly keeping me running. Everything was fun and as always–just with a ton of people.

One of the places we enjoyed at random was a little off the beaten path. It is a BBQ place off seaport village trolley stop. It’s where they filmed “Top Gun” and the food there is amazing. BBQ ribs, mac n’ cheese that tastes amazing and beans with r just the right amount of flavor. Highly recommend stopping here if you  need a break from the craziness of Comic Con or of Gas Lamp.