Book of Isaiah

Book of Isaiah Class

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I absolutely love the book of Isaiah. Not only does it have some of the most fun theological language, but also connects the Hebrew Scriptures to the New Testament.  It is quoted the most by the New Testament writers and is one of the longest books in the Bible (longest is Jeremiah, another prophet similar to Isaiah.)

A lesson plan for the book would also be very easy to incorporate into an 8 week or 10 week course, as the book is naturally divided by academic and literary scholars alike into three sections.  One or two weeks review of historical/literary settings and you’re set 🙂 I’m going to stick with a 10 week since our seminary does 10 week classes.


Unity of Isaiah Commentary

Assignments: each section will have a pseudo-midterm.  Will include historical information with First Isaiah.  Final paper on a verse or group presentation on a verse.

Week 1:  Intro/Historical setting

Introduction to the Book of Isaiah. Mild discussions of authorship, publication and historical setting of the Book. Also describe how interpretation works, maybe review different types of exegetical method (text/course/etc.)

Week 2: First Isaiah 1-35

Week 3: First Isaiah: 36-39 (historical chapters)

Week 4: Second Isaiah 40-55–discussions of Servant song

Week 5: Second Isaiah 40-55, part 2

Week 6: Second Isaiah 40-55, part 3

Week 7: Third Isaiah 56-66

Week 8: Third Isaiah 56-66, part 2

Week 9: Discussion of quoted NT Isaiah and Messianic verses

Week 10: Modern discussions of Isaiah//Final presentations


This of course is still a working draft of what would need to be included.  This class would take a lot of planning, research and study.