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My last really late night blog talked about going back to my fast track or even basic belly fat cure eating. It’s basically a diet but I am trying to stear clear of that word.  I have decided that this Saturday, which is exactly 5 weeks from when we leave for Alaska, I will return to my no carb, no sugar, gluten free protein and veggies eating. In a perfect world this allows for me to lose 35 lbs but I would be happy with 20. Grant it I have gained so weight back because I am trying to eat us out of the bad junk in our home without wasting money.   But dieting for this long on this diet will give me a chance to trial my allergist words about going gluten free. She also wants me eating no GMO/hormones and diary free which I would really like to work in but that can be harder than no gluten and personally I love cheese. 

In addition, I discovered today that the company I work for is starting another “be active” campaign that will coincide with my current diet. It starts May 5 (which is the day I get back from my 2nd wedding anniversary) and it is Route 66 themed. The goal is to be active 30 minutes/day and record it to get signs along the way. Completing a challenge is 40 signs. The program goes beyond my cruise until June 29th…but I was thinking of keeping a mild for of the diet on the shop then returning to fast track dieting between the end of my cruise and my birthday which is 6/26.  Exercising 30 minutes while on vacation is easier for me because my husband and I love to walk.  

 I am glad to be getting back into healthy living more regularly and happy to find something that is working for me. Ready, here we go!!

Day One completed

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i made it through day one. Actually–I didn’t get hungry as I thought I would. Of course it probably doesn’t help I have no voice and a massive sinus headache. And that my nose is stuffed and dripping from high heaven. But I made it!!


Starting Weight: 243.6

Starting waist measurement: 44 inches

Mood about dieting: okay, kind of neutral and do not feel restricted.