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Saturday I restarted my healthy eating. After having a binge week eating nothing but bad cookies, horrible fast food and massive amounts of sushi, I am glad to be going back. In this last 10 days I have felt sluggish, tired, emotionally drained and realized that eating this type of food doesn’t help me feel any better. 

  Starting on a Saturday also helps me get everything organized. I can set my starting weight, take my measurements and use the time not at work not rushing to put everything in order. Today I can also work on making my food for the week and cook the necessary items. I have done a little research into the diet and realized a lot of people pick two-three days during the week instead of trying to cook one thing a night. 
So current goals for this go around:

1. Lose 20lbs — in a perfect world I could lose up to 35lbs based on the diet guidelines but I don’t want to be disappointed if I don’t lose that many. So I set my goal lower and will be happy with any weight lost.

2. No eating out unless with family or unavoidable — this is because fast food is processed and I can’t have 90% of the menu anyways.  But I don’t like eliminating myself from family moments and that is why I make this exception. Trust me, emotionally it sucks just sitting there while everyone else enjoys things 

3. Walking 30-90 minutes a day. –work is helpin me do this so might as well mark it as a goal. You can walk up to 90 minutes/day so I will start making an effort. Here we go!

Day 9 of 14

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last night I had an interesting experince. We went to Mimi’s because it was late. On this diet it’s hard for me to order much, but luckily they had something unique for me. But about half way through eating, the manager noticed I wasn’t eating the tomatoes or olives in my salad. He came by and insisted he make a mini modified salad so that I felt like I got something to eat. He was kind, generous and genuinely cared about our happiness with the food.  Grant it, it was late, and we were the only three tables in the restaurant, but it was nice to have someone conscious and care about what I was restricted to eat. My husband already does this, but beyond our home hardly anyone cares about what you eat. Especially at a business where buying food is the staple to survive.  


I’ve noticed my weight has slowed down a lot. I’ll admit last weekend I was not as struck on the diet and it probably through off the losing Element. But I don’t really care–I am happy and not starving all the time. So something working–even if the pounds aren’t falling off.