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Something interesting happened today.  I went to church (that isn’t the interesting part.)  And i was intently listening to the sermon today because they were in Isaiah 55 for the OT verse because my paper for Prophets is dealing with Isaiah 40.  And in the midst of the sermon I noticed something.  Another theme of the Bible… then the idea of the blog/book came to me.

Whenever someone in the Bible questions the thoughts or plans of God/life, God responds in a very consistent way.  He talks about how He is the Creator of the world, how we, as creation, cannot even begin to fathom His thoughts or ideas but that there is no need to worry—only to Trust, Have Faith in Him.  Here are some examples…

Job (look at God’s response when Job finally cracks)
Isaiah 40:27-31 & 55:8-11
 or even when God reveals Himself.  He states ” I will be who I will be” meaning that God will determine His character, not humans or manmade concepts.  There are countless examples of God explaining Himself as the Creator in the Bible.

And you want to know what a Creator does? (just in case God throughout history saving & redeeming His people isn’t enough…) look at Genesis.  God takes chaos, takes nothing not only creates the world, but creates everything living thing including humans.  In fact, humans became special to God. (Genesis 1 & 2)

So when you think about it …. its kind of neat.  God, the Creator wants to be with His Beloved Creation.  And the Bible is the documentation to show how God has done this.  It may or may not be historically accurate, but they are the complete stories and tales we have to understand how God works.  It could (meaning this does not apply to all biblical tells) be like fables: stories with a moral teaching.

anyways… I just thought this was an interesting thought… along with the idea that God is demonstrated as a warrior.  I’m glad that God knows what He’s doing because I sure couldn’t handle everything He works with/handles.

(p.s. if anyone steals my book idea above… i want credit :-P)

Interesting Facts from the Grad World

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Good morning everyone! (so much for weekly updates…but at least its more frequent than before)

Last night I began a class on the Prophetic Books of the Hebrew Bible. Well, actually, the first lecture was concerning how to understand interpreting the Bible.  It mostly consisted of us reviewing how you can see the Bible historically, as literature and theological.  It was interesting and lively as a lecture and a discussion.

In the midst of the lecture we came across an interesting topic that I thought would be perfect for another blog entry.  Especially since its still technically January and I missed Epiphany.  My professor (Dr. Tremper Longman) mentioned that another biblical scholar Robert H. Gundry has written a commentary on Matthew where the story of the wise isn’t a historical Gospel / tale as many people have interpreted, but a mid rash.  This is significant I think (and makes a lot more sense.) Let me explain.

A midrash is a Jewish tradition where characters in the Bible and their tales are expanded on to further explanation a theological point or argue a certain teaching or perspective. The most well-known is the book The Red Tent however there are several more out there on Sarah, figures like Jacob & David.  I think Mr. Gundry has a point.  Ironically, the wise men story is only found within one Gospel (Matthew) and it is an unusual story consider what elements are standard within the Christmas tale. However, thinking back throughout the Biblical narrative, the added story of the wise men as a Midrash pointing to the involvement of the Gentiles into the Jewish story makes perfect sense.  Look at Ruth… the tale of strangers coming into town.

Of course I would like to expand on this further…but class is about to start ;- )

EMMANUEL – Christmas 2012

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Good afternoon/evening my friends!

So, just as promised, here I am blogging twice in one week! aghast! But I was really motivated this time to talk about something I noticed was a constant theme this year during the Christmas season.  Not only was it a theme to be reminded of during the hardships of the month of December worldwide but also I went to TWO separate Christmas eve services where this topic was referenced in the sermon… and, well, there’s a christmas carol “O Come, O Come…”….

The word “Immanuel” comes from a combination of a few Hebrew words.   Simple words really.  But they have an enormous impact.  “Imm” is a participle and cane having meanings of “with” or “among.” The second portion “anu” refers to a 1st person plural of “us” or “our.” And the final part “el” is actually a translation for “lord, master” but in the couple times it appears in the biblical text, refers to the LORD or God himself. According to the BDB manual for Hebrew words it means “with us is God” and symbolizes the presence of God to deliver his people.  Isaiah 7:14 use it and the Gospels point to this as the description of Jesus the Messiah…Immanuel, God with us. In fact, Matthew quotes the Isaiah text to point to Jesus’ birth…
After understanding the meaning of the word–it is easy to see why this is important to the Christmas story.  It is one of the names of Jesus (next to the term “Messiah”) that steams from the history of the Old Testament that predicts a coming deliverer or savior that will actually mean God has come down to His people.  It is a reflection of God amongst the Israelites in the wilderness, in the tabernacle, living in the Holy of Holies.  Ironically, this is the connection that John makes in his Prologue when he is talking about the WORD and dwelt among us.  It is the same meaning in Greek for the Hebrew of tabernacling.  
Connecting it to modern events : bad things have happened around the world this Christmas season.  Newtown, CT, China, Philippines, ongoing war in the middle east… And people always want to ask “Where is God.” And though I feel personally like my response would not necessarily help someone going through a tragedy, I always want to point out this theme, this word… that God is with us.  It’s not a question of where is He, because He is already there…the question is much deeper… more like why did this happen and how am I to move on… but blaming someone or trying to avoid the question cane sometimes be easier. 
So in conclusion– I think we should all think of Christmas as the Immanuel Season…the time of year we are reminded that God came to be with us, to live among us and to guide us through the life He not only experienced beside us but that He also has full control and authority over.  
–Shalom in Christ!–


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Once again, blog delayed.  In order to proper blog– must keep up to the daily thing.

So, I figured since the Christian’s year starts just before christmas… what better time to restart the blogging! And as I write this, I am watching the ever christmas favorite “Muppet Christmas Carol.” ( )  And the reason I prefer this version of the time-honored Dickens’ story is 1) The Music, 2) the Muppets and 3) the Message.   Here are the reasons why….

1) Music
       The music for MCC is unique.  For once a Christmas movie doesn’t take the traditional songs and bash them or take the department store songs and play them over and over.  The songs I believe are written for the movie, involve both the storyline and the characters (which is part of the reason I watch this version.)  It reminds me of Jim Henson’s funeral…the Muppets (including Big Bird and Elmo) were part of the service. Here’s a link 

2) The Muppets
      Unlike most muppets movies, this is one that uses the muppet characters as characters in the Dickens’ story.  In fact, Gonzo is Dickens with commentary from Rizzo the Rat.  Kermit is Bob Cratchet, Fozzy as one of Scrooge’s employers.  Working with the humans (which, btw Michael Caine makes the best Scrooge, especially after you think of him as Batman’s butler and so forth…)  I think as a kid using the muppets made something familiar understandable and enjoyable.  Something we probably need to remember as a life lesson somewhere down the line.

and the most important….

3) The Message
    Now–the Christmas Carol message of giving and selflessness is standard.  You expect the ghosts, you expect the change of Scrooge.  It’s part of the tale.  HOWEVER… most christmas carol stories are afraid to play this out.  Afraid to even describe it.  But with MCC, Dickens (aka the Great Gonzo)  is narrating the story… so there is no adjustment from the book (minus creative interpretation.) MCC also incorporates the traditional muppets message of peace and giving.  Hence the ending song “the Love we Found…” It points to the importance of what Christmas leads to: the gift that came, the selflessness act of God coming as a child in Jesus.   Something unique to christmas stories.  Yay for Muppet Christmas Carol…

Yay for Jesus!

So remember the true meaning of Christmas…. and enjoy your christmas traditions that bring you there…

Busy Busy Busy

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Again I apologize for the far and few posts… Seminary has become a lot more busy this quarter since I have a total of 4 papers, 1 presentation and 3 full books to read within 10 weeks. I didn’t sign up for this because it was easy though… it just takes a lot of time to get through all these things

But blessings be! I have finally turned in my candidacy paperwork! Last Thursday to be exact. Now I am beginning the initial interview processes and psych evaluations which again, takes more time. Luckily these are necessary things I don’t mind doing since I truly feel God is calling me this way. There’s a joy and peace I only experiences when I’m at school or within “church” which seems to be lacking at work
Hopefully when I get a break at the end of March I can write something more in-depth and reflective πŸ™‚

Just some Rambling again

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So this quarter at Fuller I’m taking another Systematic Theology class. Except this time of tryingto understand the many facets of God & the Trinity & what it means to be human, we’ve moved onto Christology (study of Christ, who He is & What He has done) and Sotierology (the study of salvation.) Say that 3 times fast.

Now–I will admit something I have never really thought of– though I am a Christian I have really evaluated my thoughts about Christ. I know, sound silly. Usually I think I throw my thoughts about God into the bunch & include Christ (because I think of the 3-n-1 more together all the time) but this class is causing me to really think of my definition. Not to question authority, just to think. Which has lead me to thinking about more of what I believe and what I believed I’m called to do.
There are many names & adjectives for Christ– Victor, Liberator, Savior, Lord, King of Kings, Prince of Peace… and all of these names really shape who

Christ becomes to a believer. I have realized that speaking truth (Scripturally speaking) of who Christ is will encourage those who are listening. Let me explain this better: I have been reading about Liberation theology–a thought that Jesus is more of a liberator for those being oppressed. Personally I believe that this is who Jesus is/was/will be all along. I mean, didn’t Jesus do this in the Bible sorta? Doesn’t what Jesus does in the Bible show He sets the captives free!? So my initial reaction to that liberation theology ends up being “well of course, duh…”
But I have become to realize that those who are oppressed, the ones it is directly affecting, need and should point out who Jesus is to them… because that is the real point. Jesus is real, His love, His death, resurrection. And to make it real people have to connect (something I would argue that 90% of the world refuses to do because of the effort it takes and the commitment it might mean) And as someone who wants to go into ministry… I suddenly realize that me learning all this stuff (which I love learning anyways…) is to eventually be able to show how Jesus and God and belief and faith and all that junk people think seminarians and ministers and priests learn that is too beyond their minds is actually what matters, what becomes important….is actually what they want to know, hear, speak, … LIVE.
So in layman’s terms… I am beginning to figure out why this all matters. Because though I love knowledge and I may have a gift of learning knowledge, God has created me to be able to use that gift. So, I think i’m getting somewhere…

New Year–New Stuff

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Hello everyone,

I apologize for the long awaited update. November was a busy month scholastically and December was just insane between finals & my long awaited sinus surgery. However, I figured as the New Year begins today (welcome 2011!) I would start off by updating my blog.
My first semester of seminary was fantastic! I think I enjoy the people the most. Everyone is there to become better equipped in whatever ministry they are doing and there is no hesitating claiming Christ out loud of praying in the middle of class. Sometimes I wish all learning in school was this exciting but we all know that’s just a wishful dream πŸ™‚ I begin classes again for Winter Quarter on Monday– again back to the 3 nights a week after work and lots of reading & studying. In fact I just ordered my last books for class. I’ve never been so excited about all of this.
On a second note I did experience some wonderful things over break. One of the most amazing services ever was one of my seminary friends had her ordination. In addition to see the Bishop throw his hands up in praise while in his fully robs it was just an amazing service to watch someone publicly proclaim their ministry for the church. Keep in mind I grew up in a Methodist Church where ordination was 1 ceremony a year with everyone as opposed to other denominations who are ordained when they reach their church or ministry field. It was truly amazing!
Well, I’m outside @ Victoria Gardens right now and “cold” is beginning to define what I feel like. I will leave you all for now.
Shalom In Christ