Caroling caroling

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While Christmas bells are ringing… I’m moving on from Santa to decorations. I know for me holidays get started when the tinsel is hung, the tree is lit and the lights trim the houses on the streets. And this song also is one of those simple songs I pictured singing around the piano

So #9 Deck The Halls

I found out that this is originally a Welsh carol meant more for New Years. I was reading the wiki and found some interesting comments, mainly this paragraph:

“Originally, carols were dances and not songs. The accompanying tune would have been used as a setting for any verses of appropriate metre. Singers would compete with each other, verse for verse—known as canu penillion dull y De (“singing verses in the southern style”). Consequently, tunes originally used to accompany carols became separated from the original dances, but were still referred to as “carols” ( )

Set deck the halls is a good childish dance that despite its monotone characteristics, can be an enjoyable little too


What?!?! Agh!!!

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But I was a child, there were a few songs like kind of freaked me out. One of them was the song I picked for today! It is a song that coming downstairs on Christmas Eve finding Santa getting a kiss from your own mother. Now, I don’t know if this was a message about how daddy could dress up as Santa Claus or that Santa Claus is so attractive and so friendly that he draws in your own mother. Either way, it’s disturbing. Maybe this is why I didn’t like the song… And frankly some of the versions of it kind of creepy as well. But, here we are, today’s song:

I saw mommie kissing Santa Claus

So I looked up some research on this song… And it appears it was written by Jimmy Boyd when he was only 13. This explains the goofy discovery of the song and I think it truly is about maybe discovering that Santa Claus isn’t real. Or at least a big fat white bearded dude in a red suit. And I’m okay with that.

The struggle is real: keto diet

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So in efforts to both struggle and enjoy my ketogenic diet, I thought I would spend a blog entry venting a little about some of the things I miss now that I can’t eat them.

Ketogenic diet  with nutrition diagram written on a note.

So one of the biggest things I miss is bread. Not pasta; not soy sauce. Fluffy white or crispy toasted bread.  I absolutely love the smell of pretzels, of cinnamon rolls and sugar. Of cupcakes. Yep–even plain fresh baking bread. It just drives me nuts. If for just one day– I would devour all the bread I could eat. But yeah–that would probably damage me for life. I can dream, right? And ironically every time It think about having a little…I get worried i’m going to have a night in the bathroom or be sick. And I don’t want that. I prefer just not eating it.

That being said–the second thing I do miss is copious amounts of sugar. As in i would eat icing out of the can regularly beforehand. Cookies. Candy. Yum Yum. I could even be gluten free and still enjoy a ton of sugar. But again, I think of how my body can’t process it and how much damage I did eating straight sugar so I am okay living this one on the side. The only thing I get frustrated is learning all the things that have high levels of sugar that I didn’t expect. Like BBQ sauce. Or even coleslaw. Fraps and smoothies and Jamba juice. Tons and tons of sugar. ::sigh::  I’ll be alright. I’ve learned to let it go.

Finally–if I could give up these two things. I would probably want to be able to enjoy rice. When i was in college I used to cook rice in a rice cooker and cover it in butter and pepper for dinner. As I got older– I added spices and sauces but whenever I was depressed, a good big bowl of white jasmine rice and butter.

In regards to missing actions. I think the biggest thing I miss is being able to go out and get anything to eat. Taco Bell, Del Taco, Jack in the Box, you name it. Drinking milkshakes, eating french fries and tacos. Yep–i wish I could do it all. But then I think about how that always made me feel and I back away from it very quickly. My only small goal is if I have a good doctor’s report in February- Shawn and I are going to enjoy a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day. And maybe a milkshake in the morning and taco bell for lunch. For One day.


Ol’ school

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When I was learning how to play piano, I want to learn songs that others could enjoy. This included many Christmas songs. I wanted that image of people gathering around while he played a fun tune and singing along.

That’s what today’s song reminds me of. It was one of the first Dog’s I learned how to play because the key and Melody were very simple.

Jolly old Saint Nicholas

Since I do not hear this often…I’m going to enclose the song here. Maybe one of you will learn it and have new memories to share

Saint Nicholas

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Today is the feast of st. Nicholas…the inspiration for Santa Claus.  Saint Nicholas was known for giving gifts is not only the patron saints of kids but also of brewers!

So in honor of the red suite white bearded guy…today’s song is:

Santa Claus is coming to town

My favorite version of this song is Bruce Springsteen’s Rock ‘n’ roll version. It just gives you that upbeat feeling that you get when something exciting is about to happen. I absolutely love it. Also, the cartoon named after this song is in the same animation as “Rudolph the red nose reindeer”, a Christmas classic.

I wish I had more to say…as Saint Nicholas history is extremely interesting. But when you have a child, Blogs get short.

5 Golden…nope, not this time

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Not a song about the 12 days of Christmas. Not yet. Actually. I didn’t include that song because there will be a series of blogs for the 12 days of christmas. Anyways…

I decided to stick with my theme right now of traditional church hymns. Usually these are my favorite christmas songs because they have unique harmonies and can involve soloists or choirs singing amazing renditions.

#5 The First Noel


Now if anyone has played those games where you try guessing obscure names of Christmas Carols–Noel is a symnomn for Christmas.

I always like this song because it starts with the shepherds in the fields. It’s just a different perspective then starting in the manager. It’s the gradual movement of angels announcing the birth to coming to the Child.

Advent comes like this…small, soft yet is a big deal.

Number 4–there’s never enough room

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So originally i set up before blogging what songs I would look into for the 25 days of Christmas music. For today I had written “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” A song that gets a lot of bad rap for being about men remembering Christ is there to protect them. But as I was searching for the photo image of the previous song–it got me thinking. I didnt have Handle’s “Messiah” which includes songs like the Hallelujah Chorus” and probably my favorite classical piece “For Unto Us a Child is Born.”

I don’t think i’m going to get into much — for it is a great work of music and people have written research papers on the music i’m sure of it.  However, I decided to do a simple search and found this: 5 Things you Didn’t know About Handel’s Messiah

It’s a great article. I originally thought this was mostly about Jesus’ birth and more of a christmas collection. But I now also remember always singing the song at Easter in our Methodist church which explains why I was always confused about the flaslh mobs of the piece in shoppings malls. Also– standing while the Hallelujah chorus may be questioned.

While I love posting images of the songs and interpretations of the msuic, I thought I would leave this one with a video. Trust me–you want to watch this one: