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Staying Warm

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Moving on…this week should provide for an exciting mix of songs. Not only is Chanukah starting this week… but I may start looking at a few more non traditional songs.

For today though, here is the last of good ol’ Christmas songs.

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

I personally like the Nat King Cole version of this song. And occasionally the parody versions are ridiculous and silly. But I think it just gives you that warming feeling of snuggling up with a cup of coco and smelling Christmas from the tree. After all, it’s official name is “The Christmas Song”

The wiki has a ton of information about the many renditions and singers so I’m just going to leave this here:

…and have a merry Christmas!


Second Sunday in Advent

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This weeks theme is peace. At least the way I remember it growing up.

Sadly enough, there are not enough songs specifically about Peace on earth. Grant it my favorite Disney movie talks about peace in the opening credits it’s a layover for silent night.

So I decided to look at another trans siberian orchestra song.

Prince of Peace.

This is one of their solo peices that adds in Hark the Herald Angels sing. But it’s the story of the nativity from the eyes of a mom. At least that’s how I see it. “A mother lays her newborn”… and it’s the soft beginnings of the one day prince who will bring peace to the world. Here at the lyrics and hopefully on this second Sunday of advent we can remember a little something that we all need.

“The Prince Of Peace”

In the middle of a forest

There’s a clearing by a stream

Where a mother holds her newborn

And the child begins to dream

And he dreams of hopes unspoken

When the tears of man will cease

And his mother holds him closer

For he is the Prince of peace

Let the bells ring out these tidings

Let it echo across the land

That a king is born in Bethlehem

And his kingdom is at hand

Let the world rejoice together

As it looks upon the stars

Knowing every man’s our brother

And that every child is ours

Hark, the herald angels sing

Glory to the newborn king

Peace on earth and mercy mild

God and sinners reconciled

Glory all ye nations rise

Join the triumph of the skies

With the heavenly host proclaim

Christ is born in Bethlehem

Hark, the herald angels sing

Glory to the newborn king

In the middle of a forest

There’s a clearing by a stream

Where a mother holds her newborn

And the child begins to dream

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Last full day 1st family vacay

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The last full day on our cruise was another full day of sea. We started practicing our crawl-a-thon that in the end being apart from mommie was more powering than crawling

Thursday we also went swimming. Well-splashing. But Austin had an awesome time playing in the water.

We also met the captain and went shopping-including Austin who picked out his first Disney shirt. And you think I’m lying–I tell you he went back many times to the same shirt, shaking it and giggling.

Disney is always fun and it was great to get back on a cruise near to home!

Till next time!

Day One Keto

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So here we are. Day one of my ketogenic diet. I actually am excited to start this. And that’s why I’m glad I waited until today versus last Wednesday. I was able to cook and bake some items so I am prepared to keep this diet going. It also kicked in my curiosity because several of the recipes have unique flavors and twists on things I know and love. I thought I would give a low-down on what’s going to happen:

My goal: to keep this diet up for 90 days. Or at least until my blood work for my doctor (3 months from now.) my doctor wants to see me keep this diet for 3 months and see how it affects my levels. I know personally I just want to be able to keep it up and get my body working for me Instead of against me.

Here is what my daily schedule is going to look like:

1) Limit WHEN I eat.

So on the Keto diet, it is suggested that one work on a schedule of intermittent fasting. This means you only eat for a restricted amount of hours, at least 3 hours before bed and only consume water or tea otherwise. It has many benefits like boosting your metabolism and keeping away the issue of eating on the couch right before bed. Both of these I have problems with…along with chips (which I’ll get to later.). So I have figured during the week and most Saturdays I can do this then on Sundays I can enjoy a nice breakfast or relax. Also it’s the one day Shawn and I spend as a family so the likelihood of me doing it is low. Better to make attainable small goals, right?

I’ll mostly be eating at noon, 2p, 5p and 8p as that is the time my schedule fits. Let’s see how it sticks.

2) limit WHAT I eat.

Since the 1st–I have been making a conscience effort to be aware of what I eat. On a ketogenic diet you can only have up to 20 net carbs (carbs minus fiber) a day. To give you an idea of how hard this can be, 20 could be one chip or price of candy or even 2 tortillas, small size. So I will not be eating bread (don’t anyways cause I’m gluten free), fries, potatoes in general, corn anything or any fruit. Almost like a dog “grain free” diet. Best news? Whey chocolate protein shakes are on the menu! With my coconut unsweetened milk and seasoning for “Mexican got chocolate.” See what I mean by creative menu items?!

Speaking of which–that is what I had for breakfast. It was tasty and filling all at the same time. For lunch I had pizza egg bits, only equating to maybe 9 carbs total (considering the light spoonful of tomato sauce) adding up to only 11net carbs so far. I have a broccoli cheese snack for later and tonight it’s either chicken and peppers on lettuce or walnut crusted pork chops.

I really don’t see any major down side to this diet…other than having to prepare and cook almost all I eat. It’s a huge change for Shawn and I but at least he’s supporting me on this (HUGE KEY FACTOR) and willing to eat what I eat at home. In fact I made key lime popsicles with key lime cues and he had a few bits.

Well Keto, here goes nothing!(ignore the peppers and such…it’s only high carb veggies :-P)

November moving to Keto

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So here it is…November 1st.

Today was the day I had planned to move to my ketogenic diet which incorporates high fat, moderate protein and low carb. This meant no chips, fries, rice or tortillas.

However–I couldn’t have picked a worse day to start

Not only is it in the middle of the week but it is also a day I have a morning meeting with my MOPS group, haven’t prepared anything cause last night was Halloween and I had to take a second shower since we had a fire pit going. Work has also offered me some prizes that I can have now not later (like a Jamba Juice drink) and Shawn and I also talked a little bit about what this diet means and how much he is participating (he will eat what I eat at home, not drink soda, etc. but not so gluten free and be responsible for his own not safe snacks.)

So instead…I will be starting this new lifestyle Monday, November 6th.

Holiday laughs

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So Facebook is wonderful seeing old photos.

Today I came across this one with the csptsin: when traveling with a pumpkin always remember safety first.

Yep-made me laugh. Happy pumpkin in a seatbelt Day!!

Another fun day!

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So sometimes if you work full time —you should take a day to run off and have fun! Luckily for me—this includes Disneyland.

So there were many laughs with the twists,’turns and tangled on the rides