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  One of the key elements for healthy eating is home cooking.  This is because majority of restaurants, fast food joints, pubs and bars serve food fried, processed and covered in oil and filled with carbs and sugar.  Only recently did the food industry start going back to naturally cooked and healthier food.  So as stated, sometimes losing a little weight is as easy as not eating out for a week.

Today I finally managed to *cough* -clean- out the freezer. There were some foods that i unfortunately had to through out due to the timeline but most food in the freezer lasts a while. I am glad to say cooking dinner at home tonight results in me eliminated a bag of orange chicken, veggie noodles, pfchang’s egg rolls, a bag of buffalo chicken wings (went bad long time ago) and pulled out the steak to cook that later. Or cook it on the grill and cook something else from the freezer to go with it for dinner tomorrow.

Cooking at home is hard for us. Both Shawn and I work 40hr weeks, Shawn goes to school and though I graduated, I am involved in a lot of church activities now. So cooking requires a little thinking ahead. Also, once a week we do go out with his parents for a family night. I think its important-as it brings us all together once a week no matter what–but eating at fast food is sometimes difficult. And yes, I realize there are alternatives, but there are 5 of us with completely different tastes… eating out, maybe at a wendy’s or in&out is the best option.

So here’s to more fun meals at home, more fun meals-more natural meals.