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Musings Must Continue!!!

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So when you have a child–there’s a lot they don’t tell you. Sleepless night-sure, everyone gets those and food in your hair instead of your mouth isn’t that atypical. But they forget to mention the part of your life that gets consumed with children’s things. There’s playing and fights about Mickey Mouse. While I love watching my child get excited with his first chocolate milk or when he pretends to sleep in his play tent — it leave little room for blogging.


So here I am. Trying to get back into blogging world. Maybe upgrade the site. Or style. Or get some structure.

Or…enjoy this little cutie some more 💕


The Mean, Green, 2018!

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Welcome everyone to the New Year!

I know its a little behind. And there are always excuses for this. But I am honestly going to work on a more regular schedule for this blogging. We shall see where that goes.

To Recap: 2017 was both awesome and crazy of a year. Our kiddo turn 1 in August and he had many first events including giggling, crawling, walking and running. Yep-we’ve got a toddler folks! He’s still adorable as ever. Now he just makes your heart jump out of your chest as he runs down the hallway or tries to climb the sofa or recliner. Slow down kid!

2017 was also the beginning of me finally getting a chance to address my health. As previous posts have indicated… I have PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is a hormonal disorder where my ovary look like they have theese “cysts” (and some women can have actually cysts) causing me to not release an egg each month (aka not ovluating.) This is why conceiving was so hard and emotional for me.  It is also what causes my excessive hair growth, my overweight-ness despite working out a lot in previous years, trying the “nth” number diet only to lose little weight. BUT this year i actually lost 56lbs following my OBGYN’s suggestions to give up gluten, sugar and now going ketogenic. I’m meeting with her right before Lent to suggest some of the things I am going to talk about now.

So — for 2018 here are my goals (not resolutions, but going to accomplish things)

  1. get out of Debt: Shawn and I have a plan for this and prefer to keep that between us as much as possible. I admit I have spending problems but lets face it… one of the FEW girly things I enjoy is shopping and the thrill of something new and fun
  2. Get On with PCOS — while I have been doing a lot, I want to keep this momentum going. mostly because if Shawn and I want to consider any future children (which is a discussion best kept between us as well), I will need to be healthy and have a better grasp on my PCOS issues. I know things now, have a lost enough to make a differnce. My specific goal is to lose the additional 60 pounds to reach my “ideal weight” and go more gluten free/dairy free/unprocessed as much as possible. I don’t want to be on anyone’s “high risk” any longer. WHY? – for the sake of my son. I want to be here when he’s 30 or 35 or whenever. I want the most out of life with him and Shawn. Managing my PCOS also includes emotional health, physical health and pyschological health. While pregnant, I played the “pregnancy” card for a long time. Because I couldn’t get a grasp on myself. It made me bitter…and that sucked. I want more than that.
  3. Get going on work goals — I prefer not to discuss too many of these details either. But I have some very specific things I want to reach at work. Since I worked hard to bring myself up from being out on leave last year. I want 2018 to only look 10x better than 2017.


What are your goals? Do you get specific, general, or don’t even plan? Share with others about goals you have met and goals you are struggling with. Reach for it!


1st Family vacation Day 4

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Day 4 we were in Cabo! Finally a new and exciting place. But boy was it hot!!!

Cabo is interesting since you have to park the ship and take a smaller boat in. I was terrified because I had Austin on my chest asleep and wanted to make sure I had him secure.

That day we had fun because it was Halloween on the High Seas! We went a little trick or treating around as well as Broke out the Star Wars costumes!

This picture above is probably one of my favorite. Someone said I look truly happy in this moment. And I agree! My kid is smiling, I’m with my family and I’m playing around in a fun zone of Mickey, Goofy and Donald! Perfect moment!!

That night we saw a lot of characters. And I was thrilled that Austin wasn’t scared!

1st Family Vacation day 3

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So this may be mixed up a little… it today was our first full day at see.

Austin was doing awesome considering being a one year old kid on a ship.

We had plan to go to Palo (the adult only restaurant) but ended up changing and going to our normal dining. Not only did we love the staff so much but we just didn’t feel like leaving Austin again in day care.

Here are some of our adventures. I also forgot to mention that we had pirate night and the fancy dinner night. It’s always fun to dress up:

1st Family Vacation Day 2

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Walking up to day 2 on our Disney Cruise was fantastic. I forgot how much I loved sleeping on a ship. Yes-that’s no sarcasm as I love the rocking motion of the water. It’s soothing.

On day 2 we arrived in Ensenada Mexico!

Today was also Austin trip to the daycare. We decided that he didn’t really need to see anything on shore so we left him in the care of Disney employees and went searching for Papas & Beer.

I took this photo after I dropped off Austin…

Well- leaving Austin didn’t last long. We went into town, went to McDonald’s for free WiFi and a burger, walked to Papas and Beer but refused to pay for overpriced French fries and headed back to the ship. It was a nice trip in. When we arrived on the ship…Austin must have sensed our presence as the daycare contacted us. He was fine…maybe just hungry from waking up from his nap…so we took him early and had lunch.

Monday afternoon I had a little time to myself enjoy our Facebook group’s mixology class. It was fun learning how to mix drinks. And to enjoy!

That night the ship hosted its first show. We decided not to attend but had more fun exploring around waiting for dinner. Austin enjoyed getting his puréed food specially made for him. Our servers (Rebecca and Oscar) were totally awesome.

Sugary sweetness

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Today I was worrying about my diet. I’m starting a ketogenic diet on November 1st and I’m working hard to get to the point of the diet instead of going cold turkey.

So Austin made it a better with a laugh. Sugary donut holes (gluten free) and coconut milk mustache was a hit 😉

Sending Toxic to the Trash

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I want to preface this blog up front. There are sensitive and personal topics in this message. They affect me deeply and emotionally and the fact that I am writing them down somewhere is actually a HUGE step in the emotional and mental “recovery” I need from practically having a breakdown a few weeks ago. I am good… don’t worry. But I don’t want it to get that bad again. So I’m heading off stuff at the pass and working on something that was encouraged by my 28 challenge in my MOPS group.

So here is goes:

Today, the dare was to three things the toxic voices in your head are saying. Then we’re suppose to write back to those voice, tell them why they are no longer true and write more about who you are really—having the last word. I know I needed to do this because it is these toxic voices that came up when I get depressed or disheartened and they help me spiral down emotionally. I don’t want that anymore. It sucks and when I talk about a spiral–I mean a literal mental spiral of thoughts that I can almost see forming in my head and I mentally have to stand my grand and shove back. No Longer I say–no longer.

1) I am not enough.

This is probably the root of all my emotional/mental strain. That I feel I am not enough. That I’m not enough of a mother, a wife, pet owner, a friend, a person. I’m not smart enough, I’m not healthy enough, I’m not organized enough. you name it. When something goes crazy wrong, I feel that I have left someone down by not doing enough to stop what happened.

Well “not enough”—guess what!? I am MORE than enough. I am a good mother-I care for my child, feed him, cuddle him and play with him. I put him first before anything because I know that I matter more than the world to this little human.  I am MORE than enough of a wife. I cook, I clean, I try to keep it together and support my husband when he is having a bad day or struggling with a work issue. I am MORE than a good pet parent–my dogs and rabbit get love, get food and sometimes I even let them have those whip cream spoons or run around wild for a movement. And I take them to the vet when they need help to make sure they are themselves, as healthy as they can be.

I am MORE than enough of a friend. I will always be there for them and no matter what–there’s always a spare place to sleep at our house (just call ;-)) and I always try to offer food if anyone is hungry.

and finally–I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH OF A PERSON. In my faith, I believe God sees me as having value. As being important and cared for as who I am. I wouldn’t be created nothing less. Now– I don’t use this to place me in a position authority or discrimination. But as someone who needs reassurance and to upstart my confidence.

2) You’re At Fault/ You need to Fix this.

Everyone close to me know that I have a tendency to take things personally. To the point of getting upset over the little things because I take on too much. This happened two weeks ago. When something goes wrong—it is in my nature to want to fix it to make it right. Don’t like a certain food?- I’ll make a special dish. Don’t like green?- I’ll purposely wear your favorite color. Don’t like me?- I’ll change so you do. I want people to feel loved and happy despite my own self-identity at times.

Well- that is definitely NOT my fault. While encouraging others to build themselves is good, sacrificing self identity is not acceptable. I realistically know that I cannot please everyone. And that not everyone is going to like me at all times. Life still moves and I know who to turn to if I need to feel more positively about myself. I will not cut out negative nellies because this world can and does suck sometimes. But I don’t need to try and digest the world. Especially at that moment. I just need to learn to digest constructive criticism without major consequence.

3) I am not alone:

This isn’t as much of a voice as much as it is my actions. I wonder if it comes sometimes from the fact I was a child of a double uterus of my mother (look it up-basically it’s two pouches for babies instead of one.) or just because at a young age I was forced to grow up but I operate very independently. Both in activity and taking on caring and action. While this can be a positive—it can come untangled quickly.

I know spiritually I am not alone. God is with me. always. And here I know Shawn is with me and Austin Needs me! and that I have friends and Co-workers and even completely strangers at times who stand beside me. So this alone crap is nonsense! I’m inserting this picture from the cruise because here is our family in a huge crowded environment and the servers ended being the best!—even entertaining Austin so I could eat! Supporting each other is key and therefor I am not alone

I enclosed the other photos as well because I feel they are moments recently where I was feeling my best. That silent moment where you realize life is good, that you are loved and that it’s great to giggle once and a while. YAY ME!