Lent 2015

Day One completed

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i made it through day one. Actually–I didn’t get hungry as I thought I would. Of course it probably doesn’t help I have no voice and a massive sinus headache. And that my nose is stuffed and dripping from high heaven. But I made it!!


Starting Weight: 243.6

Starting waist measurement: 44 inches

Mood about dieting: okay, kind of neutral and do not feel restricted.


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I apologize for the lack of updates. When you stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day, coming home to stare at it for another few hours just gets tiring.


LENTEN DIETING: Lent has gone pretty well. I have not had any soda.  I have had limited drinking and limited sugar amounts. My only kill is eating too much at one time. But that’s okay, because I think I have found a solution and something I can try as a “fast track” option for 2 weeks. It works perfectly if I start April 1st until my doctor’s appointment on April 15.  It’s called Belly Fat Cure.  It’s a cross between a Paleolithic Diet and Atkins.  But it’s not as restrictive and does provide a lot of knowledge.  When I first started with this Lent dietary restrictions thing– i wanted to do something that almost eliminated sugar, lower my cholesterol/triglycerides and help me maintain control of my health.  This diet explains how I can do all those things without giving up my ENTIRE desire to eat food. And as I looked through the recipes and daily menu for the fast track (which is just that–a fast track onto the diet)

So beginning April 1st–I will not be able to eat any sugar, any major processed foods or drinks soda or intake a ton of fruit juice. It’s okay–its good I’m looking forward to it because its greens and meats. I don’t have to give up my cheese or good foods I like. The fast track I have to be strike on, but once that’s over I think i’m going to work on the Belly Far Cure “normal” diet. And the best part–Shawn can most likely do this with me. He loves steak, cheese, occasional greens and nuts. Being able to get support is key and something we’ve been lacking.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH This Lenten season I have worked on growing in my faith. I have attended a small group that our church is working through the “Love Does” book by Bob Goeff. I highly recommend the book. And the group has helped me meet new people that I wouldn’t normally meet at church. It was great. The said thing is our group had some problems at the beginning resulting in some members not attending. It was sad.

EDUCATION I will be auditing a class on Isaiah starting the Spring ’15 quarter at my alma mater Fuller Seminary. Hopefully the class will not fill up and i can gather some information about looking into a PhD with studying Isaiah.  It’s just going to be a new drive so please pray!

FAMILY LIFE Shawn and I are very excited this year because of our new fun trips. We’re going to both the Star Wars Convention and Comic Con (as well as Wonder Con).  We’re also going on an Alaskan cruise with Disney and staying at the hotel for two nights for my birthday. We’re also going on a Star Wars Disney cruise in April 2016 unless we have kids. Honestly–you can’t have a child under 6 months of age and you cannot be over 6 months pregnant. So we’ll see how that all goes. We have come to the conclusion that its basically my cystic ovaries causing most of the problem.

in other news–i have dyed my hair a fun few shades of red.  🙂 Live moves on…


Forty less two

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Yesterday finished with no exercise. I came home, laid down to wait for Shawn and ended up falling asleep next to Scout on the bed (warm fluffy puppies are comfy).

I did manage to work out on the way home a better way to prepare eating not as much sugar. More carbs in the morning, more protein at night.

Today…was difficult. We celebrated the Lunar new Year at work with egg rolls and cream cheese wontons. Luckily I brought low calorie soup to balance and I’m planning on salad for dinner. Still not as hungry. Still working on doing some exercise.

Day one of forty

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Today was a good day.


I got my ash in church. Sang a few songs and yes, made it through a day only eating about 1200 calories with less than 25g of sugar.
And I was right–to think of the Lenten commitment is what keeps me from eating candies, sugars and sweets.


I also learned that I have a bicurnate uterus, or otherwise known as a heart shaped uterus. And I was able to see that as a sign that there is room in a heart to have a child. The imagery is beautiful. Thank you God.

Before the Ash Falls

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Wednesday-It Starts. This is when the fun begins-when the cross of ash is made. Wednesday starts new thinking, new dieting…just an overall NEW.


Staying with the theme of working towards a healthy life, I have made some guidelines for my Lenten season:

First—Fat Tuesday will receive celebration. I think a good let loose before Lent will help me understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I don’t plan to stuff myself so full of sugar I knock out, but I do plan on enjoying whatever I want that day. I’m going all out–Pancakes, milkshakes—whatever.

Second – This will go from Wednesday, 2/18 through Wednesday, 4/15 since that’s my follow up appointment with my fertility doctor. I need to have lost 10-15 lbs by that point, which is completely doable if I stick to this Lenten diet.


Guidelines for eating:
My goal is to eat the recommended 25g of sugar a day. It sounds small, but will actually help me eat better by A LOT. This leaves out eating massive amounts of candy, soda, unhealthy items such as milkshakes and ridiculous amounts of sugary items. It also will help keep me from eating a ton of fried, bready food because carbs eventually break down to sugars. I am also giving up soda as a whole (since diet soda isn’t that much better for you), food that is ridiculously proportioned so that you think you’re only eating 100 calories but its 100 calories of fat or sugars or starch. Also-no alcohol. This is not only good for dieting but also for kiddos.

The official theme:

Yes—there is also a goal at the end for exercising. My cholesterol did lower significantly on this last blood work review but my triglycerides are ridiculously high. And those only get better by exercising. Trust me—I’ve done all the research and reading you can do. I want to reach my step goal in my lose it app. I also want to exercise 3x a week. Before Wednesday comes, I plan on making a work out guideline.

Here are the exercising guidelines:
Ball Core—like a sit up but no strain on your neck. 10-15/rep 2x/day ; 3x/week
Planks – modified or regular—hold for 30 secs /rep ; 3-4x/week (works core)
Karate Stiff Man – it’s a workout I learned in Physical Therapy. You stand knees slightly bent, pull straight arm lifts to work on hips & core tightening. It’s great, easy to do at a gym and worth it. (Core)
10-15/rep, 2-3x/day, 3x-4x/week
Mountain Climber – 2x/day, 10-20x/rep (works core)
Cardio—30-45 minutes/day. This must be an elliptical, run, or focused walk. No “general” walking


Arms—need two types of upper arm workouts
Legs – two types of workouts, specifically working hip/thigh area as this is my weak spot.
I will probably do the push out as my physical therapist was having me do “clams.” Which is where a belt keeps your knees together and you press out.

Stretching—also need to work stretching calves and waist area. I had some work outs from physical therapy that I like. I might also see what a gym has in the way of a machine that is helpful.
So that is the plan peeps.
I prefer that those of you who work with me or are around me support and encourage me (like you always have) and please keep this in mind when I deny eating something.