Keto Day 10

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Wow. Feels so weird. And I can’t believe this is feeling as good as it has. I’m am currently avg 60-65% fat intake with avg 25-30% protein and avg 10% carbs.

I started my Keto journey Nov 6th and since then I have lost not only 5-7 lbs but probably shrunk in measurements too (something I’m not tracking.) I know this has worked before as I did a no carb diet for 14 days and really did drop the 14 pounds but I didn’t keep it up. But this ketogenic diet leaves so much room for imagination with cooking it makes it fun for me. And for some reason I really enjoy having food to eat (we have gone out once since then too….to chipotle for lunch.)

To give everyone an idea of how drastic this is…in January 2 last year I weighed 265.4. Heaviest I’ve been without baby. But I began seeing this new doctor who has not only guided me thru treating my pcos but helped me change how I live my life. Since then I’ve gone gluten free…something I never thought I’d do but considered for sake of my allergies (not to gluten) and sugar free. Keto is more than that. It’s low carb/mod protein/high fat intake. And I have managed to keep it under my calorie count too for the most part (I’m not restrictive.)

Now I am at the lowest I’ve been in the last 4 years. My lose it app recorded dec 2013 I was 217. I’m 4 lbs LESS than that. Right now my mini goal is to reach 197. This is the lowest I have been in the last 15+ years. I know because my doctor used it as an excuse that I could lose weight if I I my tried. He failed to mention st this point I was so ill and had not eaten real food in days. But it’s in the books. Crazy to think here I am only 16 lbs away.

Is I know the scale doesn’t always reflect everything And honestly–I’m so happy right now I could stop and still be happy with myself. But my real goal is to lower my blood work numbers and that doesn’t happen/read until February 13th. And as a reward for meeting that goal?–Shawn and I are going to keep our tradition of heart-shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day. I’m having a splurge day.

So these pictures show how much a difference this diet has made. The one on the left is taken on New Year’s Day. Grant it I’m sitting down…but it reflects the worst picture of my overweight issue. The picture st the zoo was taken last weekend and I’m turned away from the camera with kiddo on me. Everything is beginning to thin out.

The only thing I worry about is the negative comments about this diet. It’s minor…but I feel confident that for my body/blood type and issues, this is truly the best for me. I even expressed my concerns to my doctor and she said while my concerns were valid there was not anything to be concerned about. And if it doesn’t work, we try something else. I can tell you working out 6x a week with 3 softball games and eating pseudo healthy sis not work for me. Neither did weight watchers (long term) or any other fad diet. I simple went to my doctor and based on her recommendations along with my immunologist went forward with this diet. With only one hiccup–a party I had fun at and enjoyed a homemade margarita… and the fact Shawn does most of this with me on this diet…I think I’m sticking with this.

So here’s to more time Keto days.


Day 3 Keto

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Welcome to day three!

Things aren’t going too bad. I am glad I had the pizza muffins made on Sunday cause I know that at least I have that going for me. And Shawn and I went shopping so we have tons of food. It’s just getting it all baked so we don’t waste anything. Tomorrow (Thursday) will be hard because of rehearsal and trying to work out when to eat, etc. I will probably not be fasting in the morning. But at least yesterday even though I didn’t fast…I kept my basic eating schedule and didn’t eat right before bed. Small goals, right?

So I have a couple books I have using to make some fun meals. One is “Quick and East Ketogenic Cookbook” and the other “The Wicked Good Ketogenic Cookbook.” Both provide a little insight into what the Keto diet is, suggestions and how to start as well as the plethora of recipes.

The pizza muffins were really easy to make. I also made s’mores fat bombs (basically candy with no calorie all natural sweetener), macadamias crusted pork chops and cooked several vegetables ( probably enough to save my life.). Finally I did gummies for the first time. They came out a little powerful and it’s mostly from me not working with boiling water and it having worked with gelatin before. But st least they looked like gummies

Eating “Normal”

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At the beginning of Lent– I began a new journey towards better health. In going to a new OBGYN, I received new supplements, vitamins and a new diet.  The supplements and vitamins were not a shock to me, but the new diet was definitely going to be a change. A sugar free wheat free diet (no gluten.)

So just to give you an idea of what people on restricted go through when going out, here is how my thought process went:

“Ok– let’s see what we got here…. hmmm…. i’m hungry for a hamburger.

Oh, wait no bun. Eh, ok, i really don’t want a lettuc burger. They’re messy. Everything falls out and plus I wanted something like a bacon cheeseburger which is hard. Well… how about something from the Mexican menu. Oh, wait, all burritos. Any corn options? No-nothing. Dang. What about fries? well I can’t just have fried for dinner… I really want protein. In fact, I prefer no salad if possible (scans the ENTIRE menu, thru breakfast that’s only good until a certain time of which it is not…)

Dang it… salad it is. With beef. And no croutons. And i guess the tomato and hard boiled egg can go to shawn. Ugh. Not what I wanted. I hate this but i want to do this.”

I found out I had a new appreciation for people who had limited diet options. Seriously America–your fast food needs to get better. I don’t mean switch all bread to gluten-free…but just providing all things with flour less a salad is not the greatest option. The scenario I mentioned above was at a local place–luckily at places like Applebee’s and such I can order a steak with green beans and potatoes. But I can’t imagine if I was, let’s say, a vegatarian with this restricted diet. I’d be eating a ton of beans, rice and cheese.  Or a lot of (as one friend put it) “Rabbit food.”


end vent

Eating Diabetic

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Being a muse of a chef–ever since I have been diagnosed with Gestational diabetes I have been trying to find ways to get creative with my meals. Seriously–one of my friends who also had GD talked about how she ate the same thing every day and I think I bug-eyed out of pure shock. With so many good, healthy foods in the world and so many tastes–how can you say eat the same thing!? (I say this to all who eat the same stuff every day. Seriously. The world is variety. Love it!)

So… first I went searching for a diabetic way to cook my chicken legs. We have a package of 12 drumsticks in the freezer I decided to thaw out one day and needed a “glaze” of sorts I could apply to the chicken so they don’t just come out plain jane. I did this with the chicken breasts and plain baked chicken only works for me on a salad level.

Search results? one word…sucky. Seriously I know these exist. There have got to be ways to cook chicken legs/drumsticks with flavor and no massive amount of sugar or breadcrumbs. seriously.







I moved on and figured I would move on/come back to searching later. Instead, I looked up the meal delivery services and wondered “hey-maybe they have a diabetic option” where they send you the food for the meals specific to diabetic needs and then you don’t have to worry about how many carbs are in what, how much fat is too much but not enough, etc. So I searched again. What did I find… again.. NOTHING!

Honestly–this stuff has to or should exist. I am trying to get some serious help without having to buy a book or register online to a magazine to do it. Doctors wonder why diabetics maybe have a hard time with monitoring their sugar? Because the world limits what they can do. ARGH!!!!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I’m not a good enough cook to know how to just through things together with chicken or look at something and think “that’s about a tablespoon” just yet. I want to get there but there’s a reason I keep measuring cups on the counter instead of in a drawer. Once my kid gets old enough I’m teaching good baking skills. Seriously (sorry i’m having a minor OMG moment!)


Dear Friends and Family, 

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Two weeks ago I found out that my glucose levels (blood sugar) were high and therefore I am being treated for gestational diabetes. While I know I have diabetic friends and people who have experienced this–I want to express some things…with as little judgment as possible.

This is a serious issue to me. Besides it affect the size and health of my baby…I have medical issues that made getting pregnant difficult that are VERY much related to insulin, hormones and being diabetic. This is a very personal diagnosis to the point that food can affect everyone differently in addition to any prevailing health concerns. This vein is separate from any emotional related issues.

That being said– I want everyone know the ways they can help me. I say this because it’s the one question I get asked a lot and to be frank, I’m getting tired of answering it.

First–don’t be offended when I don’t want to talk about what I eat, drink or about my lack thereof. I am on a strict diet that only allows me to eat certain items at certain times and certain portions. When I get set on my menu I do not need anyone steering me away from it. It’s hard enough not eating certain foods while pregnant. This just adds on mental stress and the best thing you can do is keep my mind preoccupied with something else (look squirrel!) or at the very least not mention fruit Juice (seriously it’s a big no-no.)

Second–please understand the mental and physical toll this diagnosis has on me. Saying “it will all go away when the baby is here” I know is a cop-out saying to help me think it’s almost over but for me the risk of diabetes still will continue to still linger. This is an attempt to change my eating habits. Not to learn more info-but actually record and recognize HOW all food affects me. I have strips and a meter and have to prick myself 4x a day. For someone who is overweight it’s a wake up reality. Almost like a science experiment. With a psychological affect that can make me very short tempered and very depressed at random moments. Be gentle. Meaning of jokes may be lost.

Last– don’t tell me what I need to do. If I have questions I know who to ask. If I need menu suggestions I will get very specific about what I can and cannot have. Please be respectful of this.  If you want to make sure I stick to my diet ask me what you can make OR don’t do anything and I will figure it out on my own. The guidelines I have are not even the same as someone else who may have this issue as everyone’s hormones can act differently. Be aware.

I apologize if this scares anyone from offering food to me but it matters to me to get it right this time. My own child depends on it. And to be honest–my own health does too because I want to live to see my child grow up. Sorry for any bluntness but it’s true–if you can’t understand this, then get away from me. Im already fighting a losing battle and don’t need pessimistic negative people ruining it for me.