Bio Blop (updated 08/2017)

In the tradition of all “good” blogs I suppose I should provide some sort of introduction/bio of sorts. Gladly, I do try and keep it up to date.

My name is Sara.  I am an Anaheim, California native, now currently living in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  I lived in the same house I grew up in and had slept in every bedroom (not just slept, but actually placed my stuff and lived in.)  I’m 32 years old, recently married (May the Fourth Be with You!) and have two WONDERFUL puppies name April & Scout (husky mix and husky respectfully.) I always describe myself as a so-cal girl with a midwestern twist.  I have family from both Ohio & Indiana, went to school for 4 years in Evansville, IN and sometimes my midwestern roots show a little too much 🙂 (leave me in a southern-speaking state and I might come back with a horrible drawl.) This last year my husband and I welcome the birth of our first son Austin and it has truly been a wonderful whirlwind ever since.
School wise I currently have Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies from the University of Evansville, which I obtained in 2005.  I recently graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Masters in Arts in Theology with a Biblical Studies emphasis and one day hope to complete a Ph.D. in some type of subject involving Theology and Language and how the interact (claiming copyright NOW to any ideas that I type in regards to this.)  I also have a certification in Dog Training from Animal Behavior College and I currently have an Associate in General Insurance (AINS) which is important for my job as a Claims Adjuster.  What can I say–if “professional student” was a career, I’d make a fortune.
Spiritual Life Wise: I am a follow of Christ.  I try to live up to what I think we are called to be but fail miserably at most of the time. But thankfully I believe in a merciful God who gave us a Savior and Scripture as a means of trying to understand it all (I might also add I don’t think ANY of us will ever get there here in this life…its more like a Revelation, next life in the Kingdom of God thing.) I am also moving towards a more liturgical, traditional meaning of the church–what it means to be in community with other who are also trying to follow Christ.  If this means I’m a little weird…so be it! Tradition in the church lived on for generations–so something had to be enticing about it all so why not live in a neotraiditonalist world.  It doesn’t mean it has to be boring, unrelated or lack significance.
If you ever want to talk, chat, question, or just say something along the lines of “what’s up?”, please contact me on my Facebook: lKHV5izWN7MO3juS6kwyXBXeTl0wzpwAigNFJSWfPGw,ODk3jrT-ZyoloXMSUPJmUwQUrcubQb4tfnvKDI58r4A

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