Bio Blop (Updated August 2020)

In the tradition of all “good” blogs I suppose I should provide some sort of introduction/bio of sorts. Gladly, I do try and keep it up to date.

My name is Sara. A.k.A. Phoenix Spirit Anya. I am originally from Anaheim California, USA but have relocated to Rancho Cucamonga. Some interesting facts: I lived in the house I grew up in until I was 30 and managed to take up residence in every bedroom of the home. I am married to my wonderful husband for a little over 7 years, have 1 wonderful son and 2 pets : a black & white husky boy and a blue tort holland lop bunny.

I typically describe myself as a so-cal girl with a midwestern twist, an alaskan heart and a love for dogs, Disney and advocating in the Autistic/ADHD community. I attended college in Evansville, IN (and have family from there), getting a Bachelor’s in Theology and a minor (2 classes short of major )in History. I also have a Masters in theology from Fuller Seminary, certaification as a Dog trainer, an Associate in Insurance (AINS) and currently am working towards a 2nd Master of Science in Instructional Design & Technology. I hope to get a Ph.D. in something I love (i know-i’m all over the board here…) But honestly, if “professional student” was a career, I’d be perfect for it and make a fortune.

Spirit Wise: I am a follower of Christ. I try to live up to what I think we’re called to do, definitely fall short many times and fail miserably at most things, but thankfully I believe in a merciful God who gave us a Savior, Scripture and the Holy Spirit for help. FYI: I don’t think i’ll ever get to looking like God–its a revelation/end of times/kingdom of God completion in the next life thing. Doesn’t mean we don’t stop trying and don’t enjoy this life at all. I personally like what is called “high church” or things that are more liturgical (I do like history: see above) and even with the pandemic want more community with those who are also trying to follow Christ. We’re not meant to journey alone all the time. Tradition is also my passion but not the tradition of the past. Something neotraditionalist. It doesn’t have to be boring but the connection thru the generations helps us stay focus and emphasis the significance of Truth.

I am also autistic, have ADHD and PCOS. There are multiple posts about these subjects and the emotional/psycological/mental stress of these things, sometimes on me personally. My son also has special needs with autistic behaviors and a speech delay. If you need support in any of these areas, please feel free to contact me directly.

I can be found on social media:

FACEBOOK: @MusingsOfAnAfterthought

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