Bio Blop (Updated August 2020)

In the tradition of all “good” blogs I suppose I should provide some sort of introduction/bio of sorts. Gladly, I do try and keep it up to date.

My name is Sara. A.k.A. Phoenix Spirit Anya. I am originally from Anaheim California, USA but have relocated to Rancho Cucamonga. Some interesting facts: I lived in the house I grew up in until I was 30 and managed to take up residence in every bedroom of the home. I am married to my wonderful husband for a little over 7 years, have 1 wonderful son and 2 pets : a black & white husky boy and a blue tort holland lop bunny.

I typically describe myself as a so-cal girl with a midwestern twist, an alaskan heart and a love for dogs, Disney and advocating in the Autistic/ADHD community. I attended college in Evansville, IN (and have family from there), getting a Bachelor’s in Theology and a minor (2 classes short of major )in History. I also have a Masters in theology from Fuller Seminary, certaification as a Dog trainer, an Associate in Insurance (AINS) and currently am working towards a 2nd Master of Science in Instructional Design & Technology. I hope to get a Ph.D. in something I love (i know-i’m all over the board here…) But honestly, if “professional student” was a career, I’d be perfect for it and make a fortune.

I am also autistic, have ADHD and PCOS. There are multiple posts about these subjects and the emotional/psycological/mental stress of these things, sometimes on me personally. My son also has special needs with autistic behaviors and a speech delay. If you need support in any of these areas, please feel free to contact me directly.

I can be found on social media:

FACEBOOK: @MusingsOfAnAfterthought

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