4. You Wanna Help?

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So my last few posts have been a transformation of this blogs purpose and focus. And while time has passed since my last post, I still wanted to write out a blog about how others can really help the nuerodivergent community

1) LISTEN — Seek out the voices that truly struggle and lend an ear. Don’t try to fix us or change us. Just like in mental and emotional health, we do not need change or others fixing us and if we have something to work on, we will need to be the ones to work on it. It is better to listen and hear what we have to say. Cause I guarantee most of us don’t like too much people interaction and

2) Walk with us — I don’t know how many people have seen where an autistic person has a meltdown and the most calming action was another to lay down beside them to let them know all is okay. It is true. Sometimes we need just presence. Don’t touch us. Don’t talk. Are you kidding? We can’t respond.

3) Do your research! — think about the companies you support or frequent and who the back. Do they help other neurodivergent people? Do they focus on money or on humans? You don’t have to be perfect. But stepping towards realizing your choices and actions affect others is a good step.

This is a little short blog, so I hope it gets your mind thinking. Neurodivergent people need help—but maybe not in the way you think.

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