3. Why I Wrote This…

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insert image of THE yellow pad.

Yeah, um…its all coming.

Way back when, for some unknown reason, My brain went on a rampage writing down everything. To the point I had to bring a yellow traditional notepad with me wherever we went (which was driving around to 4-5 places not getting out of the car) all the while ideas for blogs and topics were just flooding into my head. The first part was mostly gibberish, but then I finally realized I could connect all of these ideas and started writing them down in some type of order.

The reason I posted this is I wanted to show why my brain thinks differently. This wasn’t controlled or something I turned on. It was sudden, immediate and completely blocking my brain of any real train of thought. It wouldn’t stop–it was painful to stop it while I was driving. And when I asked my husband to get the pencil out of my purse because I couldn’t find it with the notepad, I could feel myself tense up, get anxious and not think of anything else excepting getting that pencil. My brain would not shut it off.

This is what a hyperfocus info dump feels and acts like. It’s an overtaking obsession. It can be debilitating. And its just one of my autistic traits that can be both beneficial and detrimental to my general health.

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