2. A better Roadmap With Signposts

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Continuing my new updates to my blog. I have decided I am going to try and organize my page a little better. As you may have noticed (or may not, depends if I get the layout changed by this blog, likely not-see ADHD issues), there are new tabs to see new topics. Since I have partially made it my goal to be a voice among female autistic/ADHD-ers, I am going to focus on the neurodiversity aspect of my life.

Here are the topics:

ND Life: just general things going on. there may be sub titles such as “Struggles” and “Thinking it Out Loud”… we shall see where this goes. Some categories may be separate. “Special Interests” and “Stimming”

ND SocialMed: evaluating social media. yep, i’m doing it. Scary. Trying to approach it in a different way. I need to. Stress and mental health call my name on it.

ND Career/Ed: looking at my MSIDT stuff. I will not be talking about my current job as much as possible. I feel that is both protecting me and paying respect to my current employer.

ND Faith: thoughts on belief/faith/etc. Watch out–my theology is showing.

ND Support, Q&A: these are more for those reading wondering how to help those with similar issues.

ND Parenting: for 2 legged kids and 4 legged. Grant it my kid is ND too, so helpful insight there. I also have pets and have some thoughts on that.

ND Relate: relationships–either thru friends or other people.

More categories may come and go but I thought it would be helpful. Hopefully we can all learn a little from this

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