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Or 2021 at this rate. But wherever you are, you’re here! and that’s important!

I’m pretty sure this is something MANY of us have thought throughout the year. So in the spirit of our hopes and desires… I decided to restart/revamp my blog. I know I’ve been quiet for a while. Partially intentional, partially unintentional. There is a lot going on behind the scenes (see the 8/9/2020 post) but honestly, I had a partial writer’s block and lack of motivation. And started school. And took leave for medication changes.

My first day back after being on leave to pick up my computer in the office.

2020 has been the curve ball from left field that bounced off third base player’s shoe only to result in a double play with no runs scored. For those not into baseball (oh sad day….), this is like the impossible downward spiral bad play. The random craziness that just kept ensuing. Even as we speak in October, we have moved into a hurricane season that ran out of names and we just lost Van Halen.

So hopefully this change and update will be helpful! There is still some good in the world. I managed to get real good help. I started my degree program for instructional design (my new and amazing passion and study) and I am finally freely to be ME!

SO enjoy the new posts as them come! And hopefully 2020 will be over soon.

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