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Anyone else feel that this date, April 20th, needs a little help? Something new? Something more exciting and fun and loving? First things-if you’re born on this day, Shout it Out! Let’s see all the amazing other birthdays. And FYI this may be my autistic mind having sensitivities to random things like dates/smells/details that no one else thinks about. So if you truly love this date-don’t take this personally-its like me not liking the color Brown. Just a personal preference.

Vintage photo, April 20th. Date of 20 April on wooden cube calendar, copy space for text on board

I know–you’re probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about. Being autistic, any topic is fair game in my mind for discussion–and unless it involves upsetting personal experiences or personal relationship (like family-i’m a Hufflepuff loyal and true)–I’m pretty non judgmental about the discussion. So back to today, you see, today has MANY bad associations with it. It is Hilter’s birthday. It is the day of the Columbine High School shootings, one of the first mass shootings in America. There are several sites (including ) where one can see a lot of the negative things that happen. Finally the association this date has with smoking weed (whatever your opinion on it) gives people either an excuse to excess (not always a good idea) or a level of disrespect towards something we should be working to be accept and better monitor. (see history of term in this interesting article .)

So let’s decide TODAY that April 20th is not longer going o be this negative date in the midst of springs bloom. Or in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that only makes it worse.

2 thoughts on “More Actual Musings of AfterThoughts

    Nicole said:
    April 21, 2020 at 17:40

    I actually thought it was Earth Day! But I just looked it up and that’s tomorrow, 4/22. Hmmm… Maybe they should declare it Earth week and make it 4/20 – 4/27!

      saraannrichter responded:
      April 21, 2020 at 22:21

      I like that idea! Planting trees all wek sounds fun!

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