Official Evaluation Countdown

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Oh MY Gosh my friends! you will not believe this. I was able to locate someone nearby (a professional psychology with a PhD and all) who was willing to properly evaluated me on wether or not I am autistic. And it is happening THIS FRIDAY!! By the time you read this, it will be two days away from me getting this done. And while I would love to give away the details– I am respecting this person’s practice because I would not want a flood of people come to her for something offered to me individually. But truly-I think I almost cried knowing this might actually be happening.

So I wanted to talk a little about what’s been going through my mind as I prepare for this:

First, I am completely nervous. like “What if its not true?” “what if i’m a liar at al this?” feverous. I pride myself on trying to live the most honest and direct life, because to me its confusing when people start lying. I don’t know what’s real, what to expect and can tear me up emotionally. So I am trying to control my nerves as I wait to meet/talk with this person over video conferencing again…

Second, I have been spending a great deal of time trying to remember everything I have already reviewed with my therapist (MFT) who doesn’t think I am but thinks I’m “neurologically different.” However, I brought up some very common terminology that is used in autistic communities and she didn’t know it (or at least let me know that she did) which makes me think she doesn’t know how to read an adult female autistic as well as the ADHD (which she can test in.) Also, luckily she has already written a lot of this down already in the letter to my psychologist (the second one who actually read the letter) and so remember that wasn’t as hard. However, its the really early stuff that I am not sure on. So i’ve been mentally sitting and trying to remember what I can and writing it down.

Third, I am an emotional wreck this week. I cannot regulate myself well because of transitioning thru SO MANY things and frankly I just want to be left alone for an evening by myself. But its almost impossible because my whole family is here as well. This is why i used to hang at Starbucks or Coffee Bean by myself. To hid away unknown. I even did it at Disneyland. I will figure out a way. Even if I sit in a closet one night. I will make it through this.

Anyways– any adult autistics have any insight? Anything that would help me prepare? Or anyone that has known me for a long time like to comment? Insight is always helpful on these things.

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