Problems with Meds

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So until recently, I was really good At taking my meds. I woke up, did my morning routine and at the end of my routine was getting my meds. I kept them in a high in a cardboard so my kid was nowhere near them. It worked. Routine. Steady.

Then the weekend hit. I don’t have a routine for my weekends. I wake up when I awake, I go to sleep when I’m tired. So when my psychiatrist told me i have to take my Addarell, she told me that I needed to take my medicine early in the day so that I would experience more insomnia. And of course, in typical Sara fashion, I ignored her on the weekend doses because I thought it wouldn’t make much difference. Until I was up on sunday night until 3am wondering maybe taking that medicine late was not such a good idea.

The problem is some days, I need to sleep late. To enjoy that feeling of not setting an alarm. Other days (mostly work) are the days I need to be up by a certain time to work or meet a deadline. I haven’t decided yet– but the idea of waking up and taking a medicine only to maybe (not likely considering the medicine) go back to sleep just seems…so… annoying.

So far, that is the only puzzle I am trying to work out so that I can take medicine and function without staying up too late or not being able to focus so often. Anyone got any insights/other things I should keep an eye out? I know its hard with COVID-19 issues–something already rising my anxiety–but starting a new drug and monitoring it is also important too.

UPDATE: when all else fails, ask the doctor. I actually sent a message and it was made clear to me that I can go on and off this medication if need be. Thats helpful but also frustrating because while today i didn’t want to be on the meds, I took my dose around 8:30-9am resulting in it now being 1:30am and Im still awake. Because my brain is still working. Im still working on a balance. Its only a few weeks since i started this drug (3/6/20) and so much has happened since then.

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