The Days Following

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As I said-I wouldn’t do this every day. But I did want to track what is going on over time so here we are at the end of the first week of me taking meds for my ADHD.

So as the psych predicted, the initial intake of the Addarell wore off and im back to forgetting things, over and hyper thinking things and some of my other ADHD struggles. I realize meds don’t erase them but they can help my brain better control them. I went back to feeling lost in the millions of things I need to do and just spending the evening not doing said things. My anxiety has increased (there might be another realistic reason for that). No major negative thoughts, just “meh.”

Sorry this is short. But the week has flown by with the amount of preparation trying to happen.

So starting tomorrow, I will need to take 2 pills instead of one (20mg). We shall see how a non work day handles this after Friday cause thats a real test of time.

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