Day 2 meds

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While I will not be doing this every day for the rest of the time I am taking this medicine-i figured the first few days will be insightful at least. #EndtheStigma

So Day 2–for the first time I woke up on the first alarm. Like woke up, got out of bed and was awake. To be fair-i was awake at 6am already, cause i crashed so hard at 11pm last night i couldn’t keep my eyes open thru the three blogs i finished (see my previous post on Hyperfocus). But I have a feeling that is all related to my ADHD struggles that I didn’t know about.

You see-anyone who knows me knows I struggle with getting out of bed. I’m sluggish, even with telling my brain to “get out of bed.” It was really bad when I worked in Carson and had to leave the house at 6am. I was drive to work, then sleep in my car to get “more rest” until the office building opened. It was bad. It didn’t matter how much I slept, I was always tired. This has also become an issue with Church. I loce our eary service—but it starts at 8:30am and we live 45 minutes away. So getting up super early is extremely hard.

Then i read this article about sleep and ADHD and realized it was my brain probably preventing me from getting up and going. I also knew that PCOS has its issues related to sleep if you’re not taking your vitamin D. So I am excited to learn this may be the beginnings of better activity levels because i have found my brain’s help to function.

I have noticed one other thing: my talkative side has gone up. I partly know that it is because I am on a stimulant, but now I actually have to think about WHEN I talk. Like just now-I wanted to talk to everyone sitting around me at the Lab (bloodwork stop) but couldn’t. Why?- I think its not socially appropriate? So i kept to myself to keep blogging 😉 which is like talking to miscellaneous people. Hmmm…maybe ADHD and autistic people should blog and journal more. At least the extroverted people like me. It allows for “brain dumping” and release of stress to try and figure out where you fit in.

Thirdly, I have begun to notice I can legitimately stop myself from over-reacting to things. Now-its only happened with reacting to my son and only a couple times-but its an actual mental decision versus a physical habit with my brain catching up.

Anyways-lets see what the week on this medicatiom brings. If anyone wants to talk about their experiences going on new medication, feel free: this is safe space.

One thought on “Day 2 meds

    Nicole said:
    March 18, 2020 at 18:41

    Your last line reminded me of the song Exhale by Plumb, it starts with “It’s okay to not be okay; This is a safe place; This is a safe place; Don’t be afraid; Don’t be ashamed; There’s still hope here; There’s still hope here…”

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