The Glazed-Over Stare Look

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                When people think of neurodivergent people (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, & others), typically they think they lack verbal and language skills or lack intelligence or have a low IQ. However, neurodivergent people think and feel very differently than the average person.

After discovering what autism & ADHD truly are, I have began to see how my own struggles as a child and as an adult are representative of these two very different neurological thought-processes.. One of more dominate features I possess is hyperfocus.

Hyperfocusing is the state of mind when a person gets so engrossed in an activity or task that they doing only that thing and can not notice or interact with anything else. And when I say anything, i mean ANYTHING–people calling your name, your phone, your favorite food or item even. Autistic people and ADHD people both can have hyperfocus and it can manifest in different ways for differents reasons. Dare I say it can even be a trigger for the “journey towards the never-ending rabbit hole” of information that results in you barely remembering where the day went until its 3am and you’re still researching every detail of the topic you started at 8am the previous morning.

So I wanted to provide positive and negative pictures of what hyperfocusing can look for a Autistic/ADHD person.

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My most recent example is adding to my blog. From my general reading of other autistic and ADHD, i decided I wanted to talk about common topics for Autistics and ADHDers. I got so focused on it so heavily that I wrote 5 blogs in one evening, all longer than the little “blurbs” I sometimes write. I also started several drafts of posts that were on very deep topics–something I have always wanted to do but lacked the energy. Or motivation. Or I was too…whatever (honestly, you should watch this you tube video about motivation in ADHD people–its EXTREMELY helpful!)I was able to produce a lot of information for the benefit of myself and others. This is why hyperfocusing can be a positive. 

I have also started a bullet journal. This has been a positive because I have used my creative techniques and imagination to almost my own DIY planner that I can change/add while continuing to write. It helps me stay focused and see my schedule for how busy it really is. And while I would like to call this a positive item… a negative side effect of this bullet journal is I have become so hyperfocused on decorating it. I skip getting ready on time, interactive with my family because I became obsessed about finding designs and templates online. It’s taken over my Pinterest. And while this is milld (focus on a planner), some hyper focusing can happen on negative things, and therefore should be addressed immediately.

Is there anything you hyper focus on? Has it helped you finish tasks? Books? A degree perhaps. Comment below your positive and negative thoughts.

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