Day one: taking meds

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March 6th, a Friday.

Today was the first day i started taking meds for my newly diagnosed ADHD. No worries–i find it a fun “afterthought” to realize less than 5 years ago, I had no knowledge of ADHD, autism, how to interact and treatment options. Life is life I guess šŸ™‚

Anyways, probably because I was super hyper focused amongst trying to get my kiddo ready for the new sitter or because I was attentive to every little change in body and mood, I felt different after taking the first med. The major change was that I was able to actually clear my mind. Until today, my mind was always thinking something. Never turned off. And I see this medicine as a way of helping my brain turn off the countless stimuli that constantly turns off during the way. It was shocking at first but them actually calming. Today, I actually was able to calm myself down a lot and I’m not sure if I can attribute that to the meds or just having more confidence. I also noticed that I worked straight thru work with no “drawing” time. I was super productive. I was focused. And when I would switch from one item to another, I actually remembered what I was doing most of the time. Not as bad as before (like forgetting what file I was in for a good couple seconds. As I get closer to bedtime, I can feel it slightly drifting off. the pill is extended release and I took it at 7am this morning

Here’s hoping it works the way it was intended. My brain needs this.

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