The thick and the thin of Reading

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8/25 (read a little flyer book on language disorders that goodreads counted-sure, Why Not, right?

So originally after I finished “Trudy” in the Mail Order Brides series, I was going to move onto the next book “Lina” by the same author Debra Holland. However, in starting that book, I felt like I was missing half the story. So i decided to take a risk and read the other author in the book series not knowing anything about her or her writing style. And I am glad I did — finishing my 8th book Mail Order Brides of the West: Evieby Caroline Fyffe.

The book was difficult for me to start. Not because it is a bad book — but because I was already mid-world in another authors series and to come into the same world from another speakers perspective and move towards a different direction throws me off immensely. See me trying to reading Star Wars.

But i kept going because I was searching to satisfy my curiosity from the first book about the character Evie. She is gentle, delicate but also hard working and determined. She takes on an adventure without knowledge of the future or what to expect. And the tale of her meeting Chance, her husband, is comical and serious all at the same time.

I am glad I kept going with the mail order brides of the West series. The stories are unique, the characters are full of life approaching a new world and the authors take care is describing their worlds that are deep in American frontier history.

Highly recommend!

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