Parenting Quick reads

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So I moved into another couple short books about parenting and dealing with sensory issues. I guess it’s a hope to find some relief and comfort in what I’m experiencing with Austin. One was a pamphlet on expressive receptive disorders (which he may have) but nothing of great consequence. But hey, book 6/25, right? Lol

So the next book came highly recommended and has a whole network of workbooks and such behind it. So I thought it would be helpful and enjoyable. It was also significantly shorter than any of the other books. The Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. They are both highly educated authors as well as parents. They proved some general guidelines to the frustrations to parenting.

Overall the book is “nice.” There are simple explanations, nothing majorly complicated. However, I feel like all explanations are the so basic that any extremes would through a parent into more questions. There are visual cartoons to see mock conversations. But they are clearly so utopian that they don’t have layers. So for an average book, it’s average. I’m ready to move onto something more extensive.

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