Beneath Montana sky 4/25

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February’s not half done

And I now have read four

It could have been worse,

so let’s do some more!


Oh dear I’m writing poetry. Silly me. I am just so thrilled to be keeping up with my reading challenge for the year.

So the advantage of knowing an author of a book is you can talk to him or her about which of their books to read next. Since I finished the first four books of the Montana sky series, I decided to ask Deborah Holland where I should go from here. And boy am I glad I did! She provided the chronological order of her books which provided a great Segway to the oldest story in age: Beneath Montana Sky. It is only a novella, short in length but provides so much insight to the world Holland has created in Sweetwater Springs.

The story is about how John Carter met his wife Pamela. In the other books of the main series, these two characters are always present in the town folks’ lives. So it is amazing to hear how they began their life. The majority of the book actually takes place in Boston- Pamela’s original home and follows John on his quest for a wife after a tragedy befalls on the town. The descriptions of the late 19th century America are eloquent and provide a picture almost as beautiful as the Montana sky itself. It also gives hints of other characters that appear in the Montana Sky series, providing insight on their backgrounds or extended depth to their personality.

So need a short read for the short month? – I recommend picking Beneath Montana Sky up!

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