A little Weathered

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Wow—I’m so proud of myself. It’s Mid-February and completed 3 books.  Maybe I will buy myself a blue ribbon. Or possibly a shiny medal. Or just enjoy the new stories in my mind.


So after finishing some new books I got, I decided I was going to go back and finish up books I had started already in my Kindle. The book with the most progress and that I knew I could finish was a historical romance novel: Stormy Montana Sky by Deborah Holland.  I started it as the author attends my church and came with her book 4 in the series (Glorious Montana Sky) to our church book group and I loved it! She was also instrumental in fueling my desire to write my own story down (THAT fiction book may follow later.)  However, if you need something that lifts your hearts but doesn’t have all the Fifty Shades details, then her books (and some of her colleagues’ books that amazon recommends) are for you. I would recommend starting with either the 1st in the series (Wild Montana Sky—which I have read and enjoyed) or the first in chronological order (Beneath Montana Sky—which I am currently working through and love because it’s a novella-so it’s not as long.)

Anyways, Stormy starts out right after Starry Montana Sky with the story of the school teacher Harriett in the western Montana territory trying to deal with the fact her crush in town has connected with and married another.  I would say you need to read at minimum Starry Montana Sky before starting this one as the significance of Harriet’s emotions will only be depended despite the briefly explanations in Stormy.   A new character comes into the picture- an uncle named Anthony (or Ant) Gordon in search of his long lost nephew who he is trying to rescue from his violent and alcoholic father.  The title of the book lives up to its name—there are twists and turns, major serious events along with beautiful subtle moments much like how a thunderstorm crosses the open plains.  The book also starts out a little more rough than the first two books in this series—but it does not lack in quality of the storyline or writing.

Overall, if you need something that touches your heart strings and lifts your spirits-I recommend reading Stormy Montana Sky.


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