Is it over?

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I know you’re probably all wondering…is the Christmas season over yet? You’re trying to clean up small bits of wrapping paper or pine needles while trying to pawn off the leftovers still in the fridge.

But nope. Not yet.

But…that’s okay. Maybe we need it. Or at least the need the dreams it can ensue.

I am always a fan of celebrating Christmas longer than the 25th. Not only because it allows for me to take the time to tear down the fire hazard sitting in my living room but to be true to the history of the holiday, there are really twelve days of Christmas. Well, maybe not birds in a tree or “10 drummers druming” – But between Dec. 25th and the next holiday in the church calendar, it is supposed to be the days between christmas and ephiphany. The day the kings (or wise men or whatever) came bearing kingly gifts to a baby in a manager.


Personally, I know that three guys bringing gifts to a baby sounds a little of a stretch, especially being “kings.” But as a christian–it is the reminder that some dudes found Jesus important enough to leave heavily valued gifts. I also like the idea that sometimes the greater gifts come later and that digesting true greatness can also take time.

So if anyone ever asks why the lights are up past New Year’s…tell them Jesus’ stat stated lit long enough for 3 fancy smashy guys to find him and bring him stuff so you’re hoping for the same.

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