1st Family Vacation Day 2

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Walking up to day 2 on our Disney Cruise was fantastic. I forgot how much I loved sleeping on a ship. Yes-that’s no sarcasm as I love the rocking motion of the water. It’s soothing.

On day 2 we arrived in Ensenada Mexico!

Today was also Austin trip to the daycare. We decided that he didn’t really need to see anything on shore so we left him in the care of Disney employees and went searching for Papas & Beer.

I took this photo after I dropped off Austin…

Well- leaving Austin didn’t last long. We went into town, went to McDonald’s for free WiFi and a burger, walked to Papas and Beer but refused to pay for overpriced French fries and headed back to the ship. It was a nice trip in. When we arrived on the ship…Austin must have sensed our presence as the daycare contacted us. He was fine…maybe just hungry from waking up from his nap…so we took him early and had lunch.

Monday afternoon I had a little time to myself enjoy our Facebook group’s mixology class. It was fun learning how to mix drinks. And to enjoy!

That night the ship hosted its first show. We decided not to attend but had more fun exploring around waiting for dinner. Austin enjoyed getting his puréed food specially made for him. Our servers (Rebecca and Oscar) were totally awesome.

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