A little Keto Krazy?

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I know I have used this blog a lot to vent about my ups and downs in the dieting world. And thankful for it—it has given me an outlet to express how things are going with it all.

So recently on doctors orders I went gluten free. I love it honestly…for the first time in several months I had breaded shrimp and I swear I felt like a ton of bricks. So glad I’m not king back.

I also was told to go sugar free and I am trying very hard to do this but sometimes the craving takes over.

So as a result of my stalling Health numbers and weight…my doctor gave me the duty of going on a ketogenic diet. What does that mean? Well-it means 70-80% day, 15-20% protein and 5-10% carbs in my daily intake of food. There are more detailed explanations elsewhere, but in reading a lot about it I am confident this is my new happy health lifestyle. Not only is it about getting sugar out but helping my body actually burn fat not carbs/sugar turned into fat. I’ve already lost 40lbs…let’s lose some more.

So my Keto Diet is coming into full swing November 1st. At that point I want to be 100% eating this diet and I can’t wait. I’m doing a lot of reading, already purchased some ingredients to help me plan meals and saying goodbye to all that crud I eat that I’m sure is killing my body.

Why November 1st? Why not I say!

This is not a diet you can just start. There are guidelines, understanding of calorie intake and a lot of knowledge to st least glimpse before starting. Here are just a few:

1) you monitor your ketones daily.

When I was gestational diabetic, I had to measure my ketones because I was full blown insulting resistent. And when I mean full blown, I mean the last month of pregnancy I was taking 2-3x the average shot just to try and get my insulin levels to lower in the morning. From these little strips and measuring. Sugar I could tell a) I should never eat French fries and b) why a glass of milk before bed is not a great idea (milk has sugar people.)

2) have things prepared:

Don’t worry—I’m excited since Shawn and I need to work better at this anyways. I have found a few good books (like the one below) that have helpful ideas and luckily I live walking distance to a Sprouts which labels almost everything in the store for something like this.

I am also lucky in that I will take on any cooking challenge to learn how to make new things. I bought a ton of supplement ingredients the other night I had no idea what I was buying… it knew I wanted to try some crazy recipe to enjoy variety.

3) knowledge:

Knowing which foods to eat on any strict diet can be intimidating. I’m just trying to practice right now and I realize I eat tons of carbs still. Crackers (yes gluten free), rice, French fries. Many times I seriously just want the meat and cheese on a plate. I can’t eat practically anywhere as they use flour, grains, or carb laden options. My salmon tacos were amazing today but the chips and beans were bad sides packing on carbs.

Food looks complete different to me now. And probably will forever more. Good news: bacon and butter are fully approved!

So please work with me and don’t be offended when I say I can’t eat something. When I ignore fake and ice cream and even the corn tortillas. (I may need a taco occasionally.) here we go!!!!

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