7 Days of Laughter

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So this year in my MOPS group (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers), we were challenged to think of one thing that makes us laugh for 7 days straight. Considering the week I had last week with crazy anxiety mixed up emotions– I decided I needed this option in our “truth or dare” challenges to give energy back into my fun and crazy self. So here it goes.

DAY 1: I would say this cracks me up almost every day– but the first thing I can think of that makes me laugh all the time is Austin. Today’s example is that my husband sent me a message stating that our son woke up a little early and instead of crying, started pressing the buttons on his Scout plus Puppy. You may not think anything of it but when you have a monitor in another room and suddenly you here “let’s sing a song about me and my friend… Austin!”, its a little funny. And then he’ll push the button two or three seconds later, without even finishing and you’ll here another tune or Scout sing or say something silly.

I’m glad God put this little kid in my life. Some days I may think i’m not enough for him and some days I just drop in exhaustion. But his laugh…yeah… its the best.

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