Into the Void: Star Wars Legends (Dawn of the Jedi) (Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi – Legends

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With my son now gradually getting more and more amounts of sleep–I am gradually getting back into my reading. And with that comes new Reading Records!

So before Austin was born–once I found out there was going to be a new Star Wars movie, I wanted to work on reading all the books in chronological order. It’s sort of a personal goal but also consistent with my huge desire to get all the background when learning about a book culture.

The first book in the original books (now called “Legends” thanks to Disney and their taking over canon for Star Wars…) is the book below. “Into The void.” It starts off on a far off system (planet) at the beginning of the Jeda’ii.


If you are a star wars fan–I recommend this book. Grant it–it seems as though every other story has its base in the original “New Hope” storyline (good vs evil sort of thing), but the mix up of the sci-fi fantasy in this book is amazing. The planets, descriptions, the abilities of humans, of other species, is fantastic. I wanted to read all the star wars books but  I have heard that this is one of the best and it makes me sad thinking it may be a letdown afterwards.

Another reason I recommend this book: a female lead. The main character is Lanoree and it is a search/rescue type mission of her brother Dalien. I will leave the rest in the book but it beautiful and fascinating to hear about a female Jedi leading the way in search of another great person.

Check it out Here on Amazon!
Check it Out here on Amazon! 

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