Day 3 Texas Thoughts

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Let’s just say this was the morning I slept in. I was absolutely exhausted from yesterday and staring at houses along with trying to mentally take in the idea of us moving here or not.  For our last day our goals were to visit Daley Plaza and the Book Depository along with a Scouting Museum and some of the areas we had not considered yesterday in our tour of the DFW area. We only made it to Daley Plaza and the Book Depository.  Mostly because they take so much time. I highly recommend them both!

The Actual Grassy Knoll
I’m pointing at the window supposedly where Lee Harvey Oswald made the final shot
HistoricL landmark-they are all over here
The final road: Elm Street. If you look closely where the gentleman is crossing…”x” in the ground are the shot locations


So overall the trip was a success. But in he end (as I conclude these in March)…were taking it slow and probably not moving for a bit. 

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