Welcome 2017

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Look! I’m still here! 😀 Sorry to have disappeared …

The end of 2016 was a crazy tumble. Not only was I trying to adjust to being a mom, but also a working mom along with trying to have a life beyond the four walls of my living room and TV. I’m gradually catching up, but sometimes this kiddo is too cute and i’m too tired momma-and-austin

So just the same as every year- new year, new diet. But having been through a pregnancy – so my body has several changes. Therefore I am working on trying something new, getting some REAL help and taking things slow. Just to put them down some where– here some things I am working on changing this year:

  1. New OBGYN– yes, while I enjoy the medical center for women in Fullerton… I want a doctor who can actually address my PCOS issues. And sorry modern medicine-but you suck in this realm. I received a referral from a friend at work going through similar problems and I am greatly appreciative but will be driving about an hour away to meet with a new doctor who I have high hopes for to actually help me address my real problems instead of masking them with meds.
  2. I am also starting a new type of diet. Its more transitional with some strict guidelines. Starting in January (now) I have started a diet that gradually takes one bad thing out and one good thing in. This month—its giving up soda (all of it, but at minimum the high sugary stuff) and adding in one veggie into my meals per day. Next month it will be giving up french fries (in addition to the soda) and adding one more veggie.  March 1st (ash Wednesday) will be when I start my strict diet plan. I think I may go paleo or at least work out my Belly Fat Cure Diet. Who knows–i’m talking to my new doctor when i meet with her at the end of the month and hope to have a resolution by Lent.
  3. Looking into mass cleaning of the house. I want to start in one corner and cross the house gradually. This is VERY difficult–due to Austin 🙂
  4. Austin is just starting to explore foods. Nuff said 😉
  5. FInally I want to work in a workout schedule of some sort. It’s hard to figure this out since I am gone at work most of the day.

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