Don’t Give Up on God, part 2

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So how do we deal with God and bad stuff?

Well– I do not believe God is at fault for evil. Well, maybe in the fact that He created things and His creation is doing evil but I do not directly believe He is responsible. I do believe creation was almost “let loose” and as a result God took a risk and evil came about. At first. And as humans grew and continued evil just kept going.

So let’s look at an example…

My dad died when I was 14. I could have easily blamed God. Or I could look at the fact that my dad has medical problems and sometimes our human bodies give out. Is it God’s fault? no. Is it his fault that He didn’t save him? No. While God has saving power–I love thinking God let’s us experience life instead of saving our butts like a helicopter parent. We’re not babies…So instead of sulking around about my dad being gone I try to take my experience and share knowledge where I can.  What about those killed innocently or abruptly? I still don’t blame God. Blame is not at the source of everything that is wrong. Sometimes things just happen. I have several friends who have miscarried or lost their children. In no good faith would I ever say that someone was to blame. And sadly–those babies died. It sucks. Honestly I would rather speak truth in a moment of sadness than point fingers. And help my friends move through their sadness with better life.

I also want to talk about prayers. A lot of people ask for prayers from God when those they love are sick or dying. And when those people die a lot of people say God didn’t listen to their prayers. It’s where blaming God stems from. Realistically speaking–if you’re going to a friend to speak to them about a problem you have-you’re not going to them to validate what you already think. That’s not real help…that’s just a stamp of approval. I would like to think God is more than that.  You’re going to a friend so they can listen and help where they know best. That’s how I feel God listens to prayers. So sometimes He helps and sometimes He listens. And maybe he uses that moment as a teaching moment (cause he’s a Teacher) or maybe he uses its as a miraculous moment.  Or maybe God just sits there and says “I know-its sucks-and I’m here.” My mom survived stage 4 cancer for 15 years. Was this an answer to my prayer?-I’m not sure. On some platform yes because she outlived my college graduation when she was worried about living past my jr high graduation.  But I wouldn’t have wanted my mom to have to suffer the way she did.  That was not easy and she ended up dying before I got married or had kids. Trust me–i can’t get through some music when i’m looking at my son and thinking of my parents. But than again I felt blessed for every day I had with her instead of being frustrated that her health suffered and I lost my dad.


I always tell people that if the image of God is not something you like–then change your image of God. I know for some that means he disappears complete or that he multiples–but for me it means God does not have to fit into one church’s specific image or concept of Him. As I said–my belief in God includes science, includes bad things happening to good people and includes generosity and love for others–logically as I can see it and with heart and feeling. It also allows for others to have their own beliefs and supports that humans have their own brains.

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