Don’t Give up on God, pt 1

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Now that I have a new kiddo in my life–I have begun to think seriously about my thoughts, beliefs and actions and how I want to introduce those to my child.  Grant it I have always been interested in what people believe in–it just matters to me now what I’m going to do with that information. So almost as a conversion story (because I really don’t have one from growing up in the church), I thought I would lay down some of my thoughts about God.

First– I have a strong belief in a higher deity. It is next to impossible for me to conceptualize there being no God. I don’t say that to put down my atheist friends… but to emphasize where my thoughts come from. The structure and order of the universe makes it easier for me to see something or some one in charge.  I admit others see it as scientific order but I personally accept that science can exist within the belief of God.  It is also easy for me to conceptualize that someone or someThing has got it all together and I don’t because most of the time–I don’t have it together. Physically, emotionally, psychologically, you name it.  So that not only covers a Supreme Being but also my belief covers original sin or the idea that we’re sinful beings. It doesn’t mean we’re not good-it just means we have the ability to be not good on a fairly regular basis. Personally I think humanity is bad to each other because we’re lazy. It’s harder to think of others. Anyways.. these beliefs put me into the monotheistic judeo-christian bubble without defining anything about Jesus.  

Second– I have a strong sense of God being a Creator… I mean in the deepest sense of the word. He has authority over creation–ALL of it. Even the sun, the moon, the stars. I believe evolution can exist with God. Why not? God could create evolution, couldn’t he? I mean, humans found it and since humans don’t have their shit together half the time its not impossible for God to create it, right? God could create it and destroy it (just like humans do…) I also believe God is all powerful, all knowing, omnipotent… and that’s hard to grasp one’s mind around. In fact, its impossible because humanity’s minds only reach so far. 10% supposedly 🙂 So the whole idea of imagining us using more of our brain is not only scientifically fascinating but could also point to God.  Believing in God as Creator also indicates that I believe God is over evil.  God could create evil based on my thoughts. (My friend who was messianic explained this concept is not hard for the Jewish faith but for some reason is extremely hard for Christians.) However I do not believe He does.  Just because He has the ability doesn’t mean he exercises that power. God has to limit Himself if He is Creator and over all creation.  Since I try following the Bible–I also believe God can do harmful things (battles, killing people, etc.)  But God is also Good and Loving. And my Christian beliefs hold strong to that.

So next thought–can God change? No, I do not believe God in his character has changed. But can He have a multitude of methods as his disposal?-Yep, sure, definitely. And can I not understand his full character?-yep right again. Again I point to if humans can do these and God created them, then He has to be able to do these things and have authority over it. But it still doesn’t mean we’ve seen all of God’s character.  It just means he has the ability to. I believe that God is good–why? Well, again that’s where I get into my Christian faith. For the craziness I believe that God sent a man to die and rise again so all could be saved. Hallelujah! Heaven knows I’m screwed up and now you’re telling me God did something for me without me having to do anything so I can be closer to Him, my Creator? Awesome! Rock!–Let’s do it.

A lot of Christians have minimized their view of God. They make him out to be a big guy in the sky or someone who makes everyone but perfect people go to Hell. I do not claim either of these things. Unfortunately (despite my love for monty python), I do not believe God looks like an old dude running things from up above. In fact, I don’t believe Heaven is above or Hell is below. They are places and not here and that’s all I’ve got. Why do people assume their above or below.  That’s a medieval concept by Dante by the way.  Biblically speaking–heaven is where God is all the time and Hell is where He is not. Plain and simple. Location?–not as important.

Now here’s the hard part–God can be a Judge. He created everything so he has authority over it. So in my mind I believe he can say what’s right and wrong about it. Like the inventor of a machine or writer of a book. Let me heavily stress that because he is a Judge– that DOES NOT make me someone who knows that judgment or how to dispense it. According to the Bible (and basic common sense), I should be nice to people…I’m called to love them. (yeah, John 3:16… ugh I hate using cliche bible verses to explain things.) I know what’s right and wrong not solely because God told me but maybe because He created me in his image as good and I have an internal sense of good and and not good.  Adam and Eve knew only good until they chose not good. So humanity can choose good naturally.  Please do not think dualistic here. I can’t stand when we make either/or conversations out of both/and/all/in/around topics. Again the medieval/renaissance concept of the justice scales as the sole explanation of the world and how we live in it is not the original Jewish concept of God & the world, let alone addresses the entirety of the world.  Balance, peace and equality are not always two sided.

So I hope I gave you some new thoughts on God. I find so much hope in my faith. I also do not let the negative people in my faith or the close-minded ones dictate my beliefs. I hope others can learn to be open-minded as I am trying to be 😀


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