Politics Puzzled

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As the election gradually approaches, I thought it may be appropriate to post about some politics. Typically I am not super involved in discussions online about this topic. However, this year, it appears to be a much more important issue.


Politics has never excited me–mostly because I refuse to play the political games most politicians play.  Personally– I believe parties are a waste of time and categories.  I would like to just vote for one person for president, one person for VP and so on. Like when you were in grade school. Everyone campaigned individually and whoever got the most votes won for each position. Grant it sometimes it was a popularity contest–but some times people got voted in because the majority thought they could seriously do a good job. Yes-it would be long process. Maybe November/Voting would be taken more seriously. Yes-it might mean that people of different backgrounds & ideals would have to work together. But I get sick and tired of the junk thrown around on TV & online confusing me and trying to get me to choose who to elect. Our government needs to work together to strength our country and build relationships domestically AND foreign while striving to provide and protect us. (there are political positions I take against several topics related to these statements but I will leave that out of the conversation for now.)

Also– I want to vote for honest people. I don’t even know if that exists anymore. IT sucks–because I literally stare at the ballot dazed, saddened and utterly confused. I feel like the people who would do a good job in government offices either can get through the red tape or can’t finance it themselves because of the current affairs of politics. Watch any political movie or TV show like West Wing, The American President or even Designated Survivor. This show displays very well what happens when the “political game” or club of Washington DC is wiped out (dramatically of course) and a simple honest man who just wanted to help people gets thrown into the Lions Den (per se.) It’s almost reality TV. Seriously. I vote because 1) I want a say and 2) it matters. I don’t want to vote because 1) I hate the choices and 2) I hate the process.

So unfortunately it is these two opinions I have about politics that make 2016 a VERY hard year for me. I thought I knew who I wanted and what I supported. But everything has been turned sideways each time I turn on the TV. I refuse to vote for someone because I was told to vote for them (huge supporter of making a good decision when voting…) and I just can’t keep up with the junk that is appearing about the candidates. IT’s harder seeing friends choose to support certain people or propositions knowing they are probably just choosing the lesser of the two evils. South Park nailed it–again. Good luck America–we’re going to need it this election year.

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